pyr artists at articular facet 5.1-5.3!

pan y rosas is stoked to be teaming up with articular facet for its fifth round of shows. this time the series will unfold over three sundays in october at empty bottle chicago. in celebration of their just released or soon to be released albums, the second and third shows will feature pan y rosas artists: reid karris, avreeayl ra, jim baker, sarah ritch, and renee’ baker.

the shows will start at 3pm, cost $5 and feature two 45 minute sets.

the full schedule is:
oct. 13 3pm
ryan dunn – solo live electronics improvisation
shawn decker/mark booth (grykes) – live electronics and acoustic instruments
event info

oct. 20 4pm
karris/price duo – prepared guitar and drums duo. improvised noise and rhythms.
avreeayl ra dream stuff – ecstatic, sonorous vibrations
event info

oct. 27 3pm
jim Baker/sarah ritch – improvisation involving cello/guitar/laptop & synthesizer.
renee baker’s chicago modern orchestra project AWAKENING – renegade ensemble from the ranks of chicago modern orchestra project composer/director/violinist renee’ baker’s tour de force of comprovisations and experimental creations. continuing the radical tradition of the aacm by celebrating open-ness,transparency and engaging all senses.
event info

about articular facet:
articular facet is a series of electro-acoustic compositions and structured improvisations. curated by julia miller, the series reflects the use of ancient, adapted, or hacked technology, invented instruments and performative objects, and the incorporation of the visual and physical into the sonic. articular facet seeks to expand on a strong foundation in the collaborative principals of the chicago scratch orchestra.

pan y rosas release rub by auris+gino!


auris trio is composed of christopher preissing, eric leonardson and julia a. miller. they explore electroacoustic sound as an organic art of time and space. gino robair has created music for dance, theater, radio, television, silent film, and gamelan orchestra, and his works have been performed throughout north america, europe, and japan.

rub, their first album for pyr, is the result of a session at the experimental sound studio in chicago from 2010. the sound is: eric leonardson – springboard, electronics; julia miller – guitar, electronics; christopher preissing – flute, electronics; gino robair – percussion, electronics.

as a bonus rub is being co-released by the awesome public eyesore records as a cd which is available for purchase here.

or download it from pyr here! either way, do it!

pan y rosas discos release refutation of time by volcano radar!


hey everyone, the end of march newness comes from volcano radar! they are a fusion of ecstatic improvisational energy and apollonian intellect. a power quartet with dual free jazz/noise/avant guitarists elbio barilari and julia a. miller, legendary bassist harrison bankhead and incendiary drummer avreeayl ra, volcano radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms.

their debut album, refutation of time, consists of an improvised set that was recorded at experimental sound studio in chicago on february 26, 2013. get it here!

pan y rosas november show roundup

plastic crimewave related:
11/10 – dj set at the whistler
11/17 – plastic crimewave syndicate at coles with the velcro lewis group
11/30 – thee mighty moonrises at situations

piss piss piss moan moan moan related:
11/8 – running at the hideout, chicago, with cave and tyvek
11/9 running at happy dog, cleveland, with cave and sam goldberg

11/18 – running at the neon marshmallow fest. taking place at the burlington, chicago. amazing lineup. check it here.

julia a. miller:
11/9 – guitar trio with mark hardy, reid karris and Julia Miller improvising on graphic scores.

11/1- somewhere on the university of new haven campus in west haven.
11/3 – the handsome woman, 271 ash street, willimantic, ct. an early show! 6pm. vegan potluck. with sofx, human host, american folklore.

kind words for solo variations by julia a. miller

two reviews!

…this is an exciting listen, though very much reliant on you the listener being in a receptive mood for this vigorous and uncompromising set of aural gymnastics. As it’s been recorded live, there’s a sort of warm fuzz that lends a sort of protective sheen to the experience – but even so this is a record for a quiet hour where you attention has to be fully tuned.

read the rest here.

…The first track is split in two sections and offers a good overview on her qualities and attitude. There is a great control over musical dynamics and distortion and a very personal tone. You could say that all the techniques are actually enough widespread – piercing feedbacks, growing drones, sliding bursts and this ‘wood drops’ effect that, I learn, is also known as spider fingers – but it’s their reasonable and valid choice and usage that makes the whole output pleasurable to listen and follow. Please consider this is a live recording with no overdubs. The long third track, named ‘2’, has a slow and long introduction moving on powerful low notes layers and evolving in a discordant and avantgardish sound-like-a-piano piece. But as a lover of far feedbacks, delays and diluted and hidden notes my preference goes to the fourth and final track, that can’t be named otherwise than ‘3’.

read the rest here. and get the album here!

julia a. miller live!

on monday october 29th julia will be playing in a trio with harrison bankhead and elbio barilari at myopic. show starts at 7.30pm and, as always, is free!

then on friday november 9th, she will be playing with mark hardy and reid karris in a graphic improv guitar trio at gallery cabaret. 7pm. event info here.

two early shows! go go go!