pan y rosas release la corporación by amanda irarrazabal, cecilia lópez and cecilia quinteros!

la corporación1

amanda irarrazabal is a bassist, bass player, singer, improviser and composer originally from santiago, chile and currently based in buenos aires. in 2002 she started her musical career, exploring various genres (classical music, experimental, jazz, rock, tango and latin american music), she turned to free improvisation and original music as her primary musical vehicles.

cecilia lópez is a composer, musician and instrument builder from buenos aires. her work explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation, as well as the resonance properties of diverse materials through the creation of non-conventional sound devices. she studied composition with carmen baliero and gustavo ribicic. she holds an mfa from the milton avery graduate school of the arts, bard college ny and is an ma candidate at wesleyan university in composition (2016).

cecilia quinteros is a self-taught, improvising cellist from buenos aires. since 2007 she has co-created many experimental music projects in argentina and worked with theatre, visual artists, contemporary and butoh dancers. in 2013 she was invited by the danish record labels ilk and barefoot records to perform several concerts at the copenhagen and aarhus jazz festivals. her current projects include ruido², YAS, rhabdoviridae, eriza, la corporación, HAITI, and a dúo w/ alex elgier.

la corporación consists of six pieces that were recorded live on july 22, 2016 in buenos aires. a freely improvised meeting of synthesizer, bass and cello. the voice is electronic. the scrapes are resonant. the earth is pliable.

kind words for stanze by the palimpsest trio!

A strong poetic connotation comes from the music of the pianist and painter  Silvia Corda and his partner bassist Adriano Orrù : the contemporary role of the instruments as well as the attention paid to individual objects that accompany the performance, enhance the neural displacement that we have known in classical music: Paulo Chagas with a sopranino and high, rope and Orrù (as Palimpsest trio) had a job last year entitled ” Rooms “, designed by music pianist Cagliari to comment on the canvases of the painter Donatella Pau; it was a wooden women depictions, inspiring a comment to the maternal female figure; not only. Titration also implies an equivalent transport in the literary field, an attempt to express with the free improvisation those islands seemingly sound of poems or short stories (the area of the room is a recurring theme in the literature, as well as a mirror presents the representation of a Blank verse or a Coplas ). The recording made by Silvia house in Monferrato does not do justice to something with an environment specifically would make far better: those who have seen the play Rope or Orrù live will probably have a more focused perspective (see  here an extract of the trio with addition of Simon Balestrazzi electronics at the civic School of San Sperate or better quality, here a performance of the duo to Cagliari in April 2013). Unconventional techniques are combined with a sound thought, between flows and stop calculated artfully in their emotional content and enriched by the thuds of the tools or gadgets (even a toy piano), which ultimately lead to the intriguing perspectives on the work of ‘already open improvisation in the rest of Europe. These are ideal for improvisers excellently fill any festival of contemporary art that you want to organize.

Source: Musical Routes: Few Italian improvisation notes: cultural resistance circles

pan y rosas release arde by eriza


eriza is a trio consisting of the the improvisers – tatiana castro mejía (piano), amanda irarrazabal (bass) and cecilia quinteros (cello).

mejía is a pianist from colombia who now splits her time between colombia and buenos aires where she investigates the combination of music with dance, text, narration, theater, etc. irarrazabal is from santiago de chile but is now based in buenos aires where she is a bassist, singer, improviser and composer. quinteros is originally from buenos aires and has developed her language as a self-taught improviser in argentina as well as denmark.

their first album, arde, brings together two performances – one from november of 2015 and one from june of 2016. the sound is – all parts of the cello, the bass, the piano. voice. yellow, blue, red, orange and white.

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kind words for electro parables/electro parábolas by volcano radar!

Como ocurre con tantos músicos uruguayos en el exterior, la exitosa trayectoria de Elbio Rodríguez Barilari tiene poca repercusión local. En 1998 se instaló en Chicago y sus composiciones se vienen tocando por diversas orquestas y conjuntos. En 2012 armó, junto a la estadounidense Julia Miller, el grupo Volcano Radar.

Source: Los sonidos del silencio – Brecha

kind words for electro parables / electro parábalas by volcano radar!

Volcano Radar was formed back in 2012 when Chicago-based guitarist, composer, eductor and poet Julia Miller found musical chemistry with a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Uruguay, Elbio Barilari. Two very outward thinking musicians who came together from decidedly different backgrounds to exploit some common ground in the playground of experimental, noisy electro-jazz. Refutation of Time (2013) was the first product

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Source: Volcano Radar – Electro Parables/Electro Parábalas (2016) | Something Else!

live video documentation of ada rave and andrés elstein!

Florencia Otero, voz
Ada Rave, saxo tenor
Hernán Samá, saxo tenor
Andrés Elstein, batería
Laura Monge, danza
Pablo Díaz, cámara impro
Joaquín Chidichimo, grabación de sonido
Paula Shocron, piano, danza, coordinación.
Muchas gracias a la Casa de la Cultura del FNA por habernos apoyado durante todo este año, contribuyendo enormemente a nuestro crecimiento como proyecto.

pan y rosas release owczarek caicedo ponsa by the owczarek caicedo ponsa trio


paulina owczarek. saxophonist. improviser. academy of music in krakow, poland. free improvisation. contemporary chamber music. co-founder of radioactive duo with w. krzakiem. member of ocd trio with j. carmona and m. smoke. co-organizer of various contemporary music and free improvisation festivals in wroclaw, london, malaga and krakow.

diego caicedo has been interested in music since he was a child. he began learning guitar when he was thirteen and started studying theory and technique soon after. in 2003 he relocated to barcelona where he began to search for his own voice. every note is now important to the development of his musical language.

enric ponsa. born in 1980. santa perpetua de mogoda (barcelona). grew up surrounded by music and musical instruments. self taught. an adolescence spent home-recording. studied jazz with alex ventura and narcís vidal. is an active member of barcelona’s free jazz scene.

their debut album features six tracks recorded in barcelona in junuary of 2015. saxophone. guitar. drums. touch. tap. pop. roll-rub. finger-run. growl-slap. bit crunch rattle vibration. speak in the shadows. from the corners.

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