ada rave / nicolás chientaroli live video documentation!

june 13, 2013. la playita, buenos aires.

improvised music by:
ada rave: tenor sax; jorge espinal: prepared guitar; lulo vitale: double bass; nicolás chientaroli: piano

and improvised dance by:
vanina goldstein, quio binetti

and this is a soundcheck. keep that in mind. a soundcheck. from back on may 26 at the casa presa in buenos aires.

pablo butelman, guitar; ada rave, sax; nicolás politzaer, drums

pan y rosas discos release solo variations by julia a miller

julia a. miller is a sound artist, guitarist, improvisor, composer, visual artist, curator and educator. a founding member of the chicago scratch orchestra, julia performs frequently as a guitarist with the electroacoustic trio auris, the group gmlet eye, and as a frequent soloist and collaborator in experimental and avant garde chamber music and free improvisation. julia is a faculty member at the music institute of chicago and an adjunct assistant professor in sound at the school of the art institute in chicago.

her first album for pyr, solo variations, is a live recording of guitar improvisations captured at one of the sunday solos series at the experimental sound studio in chicago. shred feedback electronics. guitar as multiple instruments. percussive drone. pure tone barrage. spider fingers. liquid rips through space. bent time. get it here!

pan y rosas release 53:38 by sound collision alliance!

sound collision alliance is a group of three composers who were brought together by their shared interest in exploring the world outside the western classical conservatory style of sound creation. the three composers – darren bartolo, sam krahn, and sarah ritch – rarely discuss melodic or harmonic structure before playing. instead, they use improvisation as a means to investigate the interplay of sound. they experiment with the spatial, harmonic, and chronological elements of sound in order to create a forum to experience vibrations and resonance in an uninhibited environment.

53:38 is the first album from sound collision alliance and was recorded in one session over the course of 6 hours. the sounds created range from pure spontaneous noise to repetitive rhythmic grooves. in addition to guitars, cello and laptop you will also hear gu zheng, guitars, cello, and slinky. get it here.

what? you want more miguel garcia? done!

bajar música just released bulbul tarang, a free improvisation that miguel performed during his september 2011 visit to washington dc. from the description:

…this time on a different way. Bulbul Tarang is a solo improvisation, spontaneous and quite carefree. It is shy at the beginning, but inmediately takes an determined, insistent and hipnotic way.

seriously, you should get it. here.

pan y rosas release clarifications of the concept of object by tomas gris

the first newness of 2012 is from tomas gris a free improviser based in madrid who is working on developing a sound language that combines his love of dada, art brut, and the cobra art movement with his interest in philosophy, semiotics and post-modernism. he performs alone and with ad hoc ensembles primarily playing reeds and amplified objects, but also incorporating various percussion and acoustic instruments into his pieces.

his first album for pan y rosas is a solo improvisation recorded in 2011 in which he plays alto saxophone, harps, cassette, and objects. throughout the piece he employs quietness and stillness; flutters, pops and breaths; cymbals and tones. his playing is deliberate and of the moment, without beginning or end. make sure to get it here.

pan y rosas discos release catholic witches – questions about the hairbook

the newness from pyr is from catholic witches, a duo of free noise improvisers featuring alex and keith of piss piss moan moan moan and sky event respectively. building on the years they played together in the rories, their new album questions about the hairbook is drenched with sheets of feedback and heavily reverbed noise. low end bass rumbles the speakers and crunching loops lurch forward over skittering free drums. ecstatic drones, pulses, guitar skree all build into an extended monolith of low end roar and scifi theremin squall. musical telepathic conversation. get it here.

pan y rosas release la continuidad by the ada rave quartet!

hey everyone. we are beyond excited to tell you that the new awesomeness comes from a quartet of improvisers and jazzniks out of argentina. the group consists of ada rave on saxophones, wenchi lazo on guitar and electronics, martín de lassaletta on bass, and martín lópez grande on drums.

the quartet combines the languages of jazz, free improvisation and out rock of the 60′s and 70′s, as a way of reaching their objective – improvisation! improv as a means of composition and improv as the composition itself. in their music they create diverse spaces, sensory forms, movements, instances and related sounds all the while projecting their own voice and collective identity.

their first album, la continuidad is a fury of sound. intensely focused free improvisations give rise to pre-conceived compositions that allow the quartet to stretch out. they pay tribute to their inspirations – monk, braxton, ornette and dolphy – but, from that starting point, they set off in their own direction. lots of space, lots of listening to each other. quiet studies in the limits of their instruments. swing pulse rhythms on post modern be-bop. a genuine sound of joy.

you truly owe it to yourself to check this one out. do it here!

miguel garcia! live! this friday!

this just in from madrid!

ARPhouse os invita este viernes día 11 de Febrero a disfrutar de otra muestra de libre improvisación, en esta ocasión a trío, de la mano de:
– Lali Barriere (Barcelona): Objetos amplificados
– Miguel A. García (Bilbao-Madrid): Electrónica, no input
– Tomás Gris (Madrid): Objetos, Feedback, Clarinete
Día viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011
Hora: 20:45
ARPhouse: Calle Ayala 60, 2ºCentro,Madrid (metros Velazquez, Goya)
precio: 5 euros (ingreso íntegro para los músicos)
Os esperamos.

miguel garcia’s busy upcoming schedule!

Miguel A. García @ Vibra, cicle d’art sonor i música experimental > 14.01.11, l’Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània (OCCC), Valencia

Vibra, cicle d’art sonor i música experimental
14.01.2011 |
Miguel Ángel García

Miguel A. García @ Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijón (CCAI), Gijón > 12-01-11, 19:00

free improv meetings: alexander bruck + miguel a. garcía + malin astner + artur vidal @ 7-1-11+8-1-11, madrid

Viernes 7 de enero 21h

La tabacalera (Molino Rojo) Organizado por Mas uno en escena
Calle Embajadores 53 Madrid (España)
Metro y cercanías: Embajadores

Sabado 8 de enero 21h

Espacio Menosuno
Calle la Palma 28 Madrid (Espana)
Metro Tribunal