kind words for less than human by cp!


…Less Than Human ranges from luminous and droning (“Plantlife”) to ominous and distant (“A Moth Is Born”) to stuttered and disorienting (“Fractured Barnacles”), and all of it is best experienced in full body, the nuances not left to the compressed nature of headphones, and the volume not adjusted for proximity’s sake.

[“Being States”] is perhaps the album’s most ambitious, a gentle melody refracted through subtle, pinging percussion. As for “Gldufglsd,” the album’s longest cut, at over 11 minutes, it is, like “Plantlife,” structured around a low-level drone, heard here below a harsh shimmer, out of which slowly arises a warmer tone whose sense of comfort is balanced by the increased threat of that buzzsaw shimmer. It seems to suggest a sequel to “A Moth Is Born,” in which the promise of a heat brings the end.


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pan y rosas release less than human by cp!


cp is a composer, musician, and artist working within the minimum in experimental electronic music. they create custom software in max/msp, integrating chance and silence in unique, minimal systems. they collaborate frequently with asha tamirisa in duo situations and also performs as 1/4 of the electro-improv quartet BUMPR (peter bussigel, stephan moore, tim rovinelli). additionally cp is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a providence-based artist collective focusing on the representation of gender and race within experimental electronic music.

their first album for pan y rosas is a brief album of drones that cp composed and mixed in los angeles, london and providence. they suggest –

play at full volume,
with good speakers
in a nice room.

no head/earphones please (sound needs space).

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kind words for nothing new by ant dickinson!

the kindness comes from netlabelism!

Nothing New Art

There’s no way around it: pianos were harmed in the making of this music. There are four tracks that form the core of “Nothing New” that were played on a piano that spent many months out in a field near Llangollen, Wales. Unprotected and exposed to the elements (heavy rains, snow, large temperature swings), the piano suffered an inevitable breakdown. Dickinson visited regularly and improvised music on the piano in whatever condition it was found.

This is not, however, just a collection of aimless abstract noise. He does great job finding a way to play the piano in its diminishing condition, pulling together interesting tracks that are challenging but with accessible underlying elements and melodies. You can feel badly for the piano that gave its all for these songs, but you will hear that it was for a noble cause.

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pan y rosas discos release cucharas de arena by canned fit!


canned fit is sound artist christine schörkhuber’s experimental performative new music act. she creates her sound sphere using hacked effect tools, finger microphones, voice, feedback and a trash orchestra of found sonorous footage. motorized cans vibrate in tune, the sound of materials like cans, tins, metal parts, electronic trash, paper, wood, water and wind are modulated and amplified through open mics.

canned fit’s first album for pan y rosas, cucharas de arena, is equally influenced by experimental improvisation and contemporary composition as it is by electronic dance music, rock and pop music. the primary influence however, comes from listening to the sound of life. the sound is: formation, dissolution and fugacity of shape and structure, distance and closeness, system and chaos. a tightrope between experimental music, soundscape composition and electronic songwriting.

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interview with sarah rasines!

an interview with sarah rasines from radicalmente antisistema!

Eduardo Nabal: Hola Sarah. Sigues en la brecha de un trabajo no tan nuevo pero poco conocido. ¿Cuándo dejaste de oír y empezaste a escuchar?

Sarah Rasines: La música ha sido para mí siempre algo vocacional. Podía escuchar sin miedos, creo que he aprendido muy pronto a escuchar. Claro, luego en la carrera de Bellas Artes surgieron la eclosión de tecnologías y estas me llevaron a la música electrónica y a experimentar poniendo música a videos y clips sobre todo realizados por mí misma pero también de otros. Los conciertos de música techno, minitechno o experimental siguen siendo minoritarios aunque se van rompiendo prejuicios.

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pan y rosas release every single girl deserves a song by sarah rasines!


sarah rasines (burgos, castile and leon, spain) born in 1983, has a degree in fine arts (san carlos faculty of fine arts, valencia polytechnic university, spain). she combines artistic creation with research at the faculty of fine arts at the university of the basque country. she also belongs to a research group called ikersoinu, which is now working on a project called investigación sonora y espacio artístico: nuevas herramientas técnicas y conceptuales para la creación (sound research and artistic space: new technical and conceptual tools for creation). her interdisciplinary work revolves around time processes and experimental media.

experimental electronic music. the culmination of several years’ research in music in burgos, valencia and bilbao – every single girl deserves a song is her latest work in experimentation and sound production. cyclical melodies, hypermusical instrumental tracks, programmed synthesizers and sampled noises overlay the sonic medium.

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pan y rosas releases phantomaton by chemiefaserwerk!


chemiefaserwerk is an electronic musician based in marseille, france. he is mysterious.

his first album for pan y rosas was created by recording the sound of an electronic toy piano and then looping and layering it at different speeds using four track cassette recorders the sound is: full spectrum tape drone. patience. low end cycle. high end faster than trans-linear light. blurred space as stars fold. twenty minutes pass and five hundred years are gone.

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