pan y rosas release callus / redux by asha tamirisa!


asha tamirisa is an experimental media artist most interested in audiovisual composition, instruments and interfaces, and gender/race and technology. she is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a group of artists concerned with the state of gender and race within electronic / computer based art practices. she holds a b.a. from oberlin college and is currently a doctoral student in the multimedia and electronic music experiments [ MEME ] program at brown university.

asha’s first album for pan y rosas, callus / redux, consists of two longer pieces that she created in august of 2016 using an arp2500, a few various synths and field recordings that she recorded in july of 2015. the sound is slow, patient, shifting drones, sculpted water.

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pan y rosas release MANIPULATION by lauren sarah hayes!

lauren sarah hayes is a musician and sound artist from scotland who builds hybrid analogue/digital instruments. her music lies somewhere between free improv, experimental pop, techno, and noise. she also composes haptic music that can be experienced as vibration throughout the body and likes creating participatory site-responsive works in unusual locations. she is a regular improviser, enjoying a wide range of collaborators, and for over a decade has given multi-sensory workshops for various groups, including those with sensory impairment, learning difficulties, and autism. she is an associate of the new radiophonic workshop.

her first album for pan y rosas discos, MANIPULATION, is a collection of unedited one-take improvisations that she performed on unpredictable ecological hybrid analogue/digital/human systems between 2008 and 2016. instability arises from the fragilities of touch-based engagement and mutually affecting relationships within the technology.

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pan y rosas release tommy hilfiger by sarah rasines!


sarah rasines is a visual and sound artist. she was awarded her degree in fine arts at san carlos faculty of fine arts at the universidad politécnica of valencia. she splits her time between artistic creation and her phd research as a fine arts faculty member at the university of the basque country. she belongs to the research group ikersoinu (sound research and artistic space).

she created her new album, tommy hilfiger, in hämeenkyrö, finland and bilbao, basque country over the course of april and may 2016. a mix of computers, recordings and trikitixa – electronic noises and occasional rhythms. it is brief, over too soon and before you know it.

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pan y rosas release no-brain improv by vavabond!


vavabond is a project of the lap top improviser and noise player, wei wei. she was initially interested with large volume noise made by max/msp, but her current interests focus on free improvised synthesis and processed signals. with insect buzz and electromagnetic hiss as her main inspiration, she explores the themes of time and existence. she works with time-based practice; mechanical and meaningless drones and clicks; and improvisational structures – especially improvisations made with the environment.

no-brain improv is vavabond’s attempt to practice what the writer, yumeno kyusaku, wrote about in his novel, dogura magura.

brain is not the place where thinking comes out. brain is a protein solid without nerve or sense. our spirit or living consciousness rests in each corner of our body.

for this project wei wei developed the rules: do not use the brain during creation/performance. abandon all concepts, aesthetics, logic, thoughts, judgments, conscious decisions. let body and instinct do the job.

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pan y rosas release pop variations by c. reider and jeph jerman!

pop variations cover

c. reider is a listener, composer, netlabel manager, and active networker. he is interetsed in sounds about things losing form; sounds about things getting blurry; sounds about entropy. equal parts conveyor belt and frog swamp. he lives in northern colorado, in the united states.

in 2015, my friend jeph jerman sent me a very lovely lathe-cut record. one side has a twelve minute track of the pops and crackles that are typical of vinyl records. all of the sounds in pop variations were derived from that recording, using various techniques, like running the pops & clicks through a de-clicking algorithm, or slowing down the recording to the point where you can hear the needle bouncing at each pop. – c. reider.

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pan y rosas release vorfreunde by pat moonchy!


pat moonchy has been performing for twenty years as a dj and experimental musician. she is an existentialist and versatile personality in a state of constant evolution; a developer of an intensely personal musical language. she first played the electric bass, then non-western philosophies inspired further self evolution and she explored vocal techniques – harmonic singing and circular breathing. as her interest in electronic music grew she learned to play the theremin with barbara buchholz. she also runs the club, the moonshine, in milan.

pat’s first album for pan y rosas represents a new approach in her sound. a fresh beginning at composing and arranging. a blend of electronic glitch and her very human voice. the sound is: enchant. captivate. electronic tools. patterns built on demand with vocal style. rich color as measured. play it solo.

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pan y rosas release dolly by lyn goeringer!

Lyn Goeringer Dolly

electronicist and thereminist lyn goeringer is a sonic improviser and intermedia sound artist. her work is best described as focused, often noisy, and innovative. she has performed throughout the united states and has presented her art works in galleries in seattle, wa, the stone – nyc, hong kong, dubai, and throughout new england.

her first album for pan y rosas is a record of sorts. the recording of an event. a moment of transition. in-between states, in-between instances. not quite a studio project, not quite a live performance. three pieces as place marker. event making, time keeping. an offering to a mentor and friend who has long since departed.

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cp, live!

cp, live! as part of opensignal fest 2015. events are going on all day. and it’s free! at the granoff center for the arts, providence, rhode island!

@ Granoff Center for the Arts
154 Angell St. Providence RI

///// SCHEDULE \\\\\

with: Laura Cetilia (Community MusicWorks)
Reba Mitchell (GRR!)
and more TBA!
– – – light reception to follow – – –

An open invitation to come together and have a communal listening experience, maybe make some strange sounds. Bring your voice, acoustic instruments, objects. Details coming very soon.

“The Ear Goes to the Sound: the work of Laetitia Sonami”
dir: Renetta Sitoy
(just came out! if you’re in New England come see it!)
– – – light reception to follow – – –

– Ayako Kataoka (Middletown, CT)
– Monisola Gbadebo (Pioneer Valley, MA)
– Tamara Yadao (NYC)
– Akiko Hatakeyama (PVD)
– Jazzmen Johnson (PVD)
– CP / Asha Tamirisa (PVD)
[more TBA!]

full details here.

the facebook event here.