pan y rosas release hearmleoþ—gieddunga by lauren redhead!

lauren redhead is an internationally performed composer and an experimental organist whose recent work is published by material press, berlin. she often produces works of graphic and open notation, and often works with multimedia. as an organist she has developed a performance practice for organ and electronics and frequently performs in a duet with alistair zaldua and as an improviser. lauren is senior lecturer in 20th and 21st century music at goldsmiths, university of london.

hearmleoþ—gieddunga was created between 2016-2018 as part of a collaborative project in three stages. lauren redhead created scores, texts, samples, and concepts for performance. alistair zaldua then took part in the realisation of the works for live performance through the development of performance practices and live electronic interfaces. in the final stage of the project, lauren and alistair were joined in the studio by josh cannon who contributed creative studio practices and mixed and mastered the finaltracks. this music is therefore a result of live performances, studio composition and of collaborative exchanges.

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lauren redhead, live!

lauren redhead, live! with alistair zaldua! 3.30 pm, saturday, november 1, di_stanze at leeds!

“This programme showcases some of the recent developments for the combination of organ+electronics, including networked performance, live electronics, and the combination of organ+voice. It also showcases some collaborations between Lauren Redhead and composers with a link to Leeds, her interest in open notation and her duo with electronics performer Alistair Zaldua.”


lauren redhead, live!

lauren redhead, live! october 12! 16.30 at st laurence church, catford, london! free! do it, do it!

organ and electronics action! works by Mic Spencer (Biroc T), Marcello Messina, and R. Armstrong and a performance of Gino Robair’s open notation opera including guest performers Alistair Zaldua (live electronics) and Charles Celeste Hutchins (live analogue synthesis)!

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