pyr142 caroline park – less than human


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caroline park: less than human [34:02]

play at full volume,
with good speakers
in a nice room.

no head/earphones please (sound needs space).

all tracks composed & mixed by caroline park
los angeles, london, providence, 2015

thanks to david, derek, arpsha, korra + t. swift for the inspiration

caroline park on pyr

01. being states 02. plantlife 03. a moth is born 04. fractured barnacles 05. gldufgsld

* Oceti Sakowin Camp is a unified encampment of Water Protectors dedicated to protecting our land and water against the Dakota Access Pipeline. We value assuring the welfare of all people by honoring human rights, treaties, agreements, and cultures. Our goal is to peacefully and prayerfully defend our rights, and rise up as one to sustain Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

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