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this music continues the exploration of improvisationally composed music and was created using a prepared zither and a drum kit augmented with metal bowls and bells. the sounds were created and captured acoustically and absent is the use of processing and effects leaving the basic elements of the instruments sounds to interact with one another. the sounds can be seen as building blocks (or perhaps nails and pieces of wood) which are then assembled within the psyche of the listener, hence the use of carpentry terminology as song titles. the aim is to create a metaphorically physical representation of the sounds. although the sounds are audible the sound waves also exist on a physical plane which then enter into the listener and takes shape within their consciousness. it is then up to the listener to construct the album within their mind.

all music performed and recorded by reid karris

artwork by timothy breen

reid karris on pyr

01. veneer 02. mortise 03. sawdust 04. french cleat 05. gable 06. chatoyance 07. birdsmouth 08. miter 09. grain 10. architrave 11. dovetail 12. flat gouge 13. scratch awl 14. kerf

lanificus xtra art

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