pat moonchy


pat moonchy has been performing for twenty years as a dj and experimental musician. she is an existentialist and versatile personality in a state of constant evolution; a developer of an intensely personal musical language. she first played the electric bass, then non-western philosophies inspired further self evolution and she explored vocal techniques – harmonic singing and circular breathing. as her interest in electronic music grew she learned to play the theremin with barbara buchholz. she also runs the club, the moonshine, in milan.

in addition to her solo work she has also performed with jean-hervé péron art-errorist, drummer lino liguori, and angelo contini

she is also a member of the groups: moon in june – with roberto aglieri and lucio liguori; bezirk altona – with dirk dhonau and lucio liguori; doublegänger – with lucio liguori and angelo avogadri; bezirk sothiac – with shizuko aosaki, lucio liguori and morhide sawada; doppelgänger – with lars nicolaysen, jhonny larsen and lucio liguori; tai no-orchestra.

albums from pyr
pyr227 erebia christi remixes
pyr192 blood pink noise
pyr174 durga puja (with angelo contini)
pyr159 vorfreunde

web presences
sothiac soundcloud
sothiac facebook
tai no-orchestra