pan y rosas release abc dobrego wychowania by zheimeer!

the most important members of zheimeer are electronic musical instruments and devices (a sampler, a sequencer, a synthesizer, etc.); their creative expression is possible thanks to the help of the only representative of humanity in the group, adrian zalewski, who also coordinates their actions and looks after them during concerts.

abc dobrego wychowania is zheimeer’s second album. it was recorded in 2011 in collaboration with chuck roop who came up with the concept of using irena gumowska’s ABC dobrego wychowania and appears in the role of a reader. the goal is to popularize irena gumowska’s texts from a book of the same name.

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pan y rosas release ready made by lorenzo gomez oviedo

lorenzo gomez oviedo is a composer and improviser who was born in san juan in 1987. he explores soundscapes using analog recordings, sound interpretation of everyday objects, etc.

ready made is a selection of numerous old open reel tapes found in various broken recorders or were given away. no editing process was performed on them, only organizing.

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kind words for the malady of death by jelena glazova

avant music news:

Sparse waves of distortion overlap to create constructive interference in the form of beats. These oscillations combine in pairs or triads. The elements mainly explore the lower-registers, often hovering in a frequency range that is easy to overlook. At times, these sounds resemble adverse weather patterns (e.g., thunder and lightning) or extra-planetary noises, which are in line with the overall emotional tone of the album.

pan y rosas release whole body by kirill shirokov!

kirill shirokov is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he continuously collaborates with different writers, artists and performers.

the whole body consists of two pieces performed on an upright piano in a room not prepared for studio recording or concerts. keys, strings and other parts of the piano created with the pianist’s fingers, hands, legs. without hierarchy. various possibilities. different properties. an exploration with spontaneous movement. this is one possible version of the whole.

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pan y rosas release the malady of death by jelena glazova!

jelena glazova is a sound/visual artist and poet from riga, latvia. in her pieces and performances she combines images, poetic texts, experimental sounds and installations . her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. she relies on her voice as a generator, heavily altering it and manipulating it through digital processing.

she created the malady of death in 2017, using her voice, a laptop and controllers. the album is dedicated to the french writer, marguerite duras. bass flutter. sweep drone. grit phase. plates shift. molten.

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