pan y rosas release mortal springs by heavy lifting!

heavy lifting (lucy cheesman) has been playing live coded music using TidalCycles and FoxDot since 2016.

heavy lifting’s first album on pan y rosas, mortal springs, is loosely based on the myths surrounding demeter and persephone. the songs on the album were edited down from a live-coded improvisation using TidalCycles – a language used to describe & generate patterns. you will hear: synth & drum sounds, sample collages, and a small amount of vocals thrown in for good measure.

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pan y rosas release curtains: matthies (live at jefferson park, 3-3-18)by wilhelm matthies!

wilhelm matthies is a musician who lives in the milwaukee (wisconsin, usa) area. he records in the studio, releasing solo, duet and group pieces, mostly in the realm of contemporary classical – either as free improvisation or using graphic compositions .

since 2012 wilhelm has been developing a line of string instruments he calls mosesa. his goal is to create an instrument that allows for maximum access to the string spectrum and allows various sounding boards to be attached.

curtains is a document of a performance at the jefferson park branch of the chicago public library that happened in march of 2018. wilhelm used a mosesa 9-CedarPlate and some gutiar effects pedals. strymon’s unset, BlueSky, flint deco and the fishman aura and amped through an orange bass amp, the crush 50 bxt.

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kind words for oblivion by nhung nguyen!

Oblivion is a nonplace. A radio dial wandering away from the crisp enunciation of the broadcast, choosing instead to strand itself in the ambiguity of dead air. Over a fleeting 12-minutes, sound artist Nhung Nguyen avoids allegiance to anything concrete or explicitly communicative. Keyboards spiral away from any tonal centre. Voices, scrapes and gurgles arrive heavily manipulated, removed from the context that gifts them significance, bobbing like curious flotsam upon a sea of crackle and hum. Couple this with the mentions of “abandoned memories” and “lost times” in the record’s accompanying description, and the composition starts to manifest as a purgatory for forgotten experiences, occupied by sounds that have slipped through the net of remembering. It’s with masterful irony that Nguyen generates this sense of placelessness from the most grounded of source materials: found sounds, field recordings of physical spaces…

read the whole thing at: echoes and dust.

pan y rosas release sizigias by the cátodo dúo!

based in chile, the cátodo dúo consists of amanda irarrázabal on double bass and ramiro molina on electric guitar. they began playing together in 2012 as a way of sharing their experiences in the field of the improvised music. built around a string concept, the duo easily moves from intense rhythmic situations to dense layers of noise. the music is totally improvised and their sound arises from treating instruments as sources of sound in every sense of the word using prepared instruments and avoiding conventional playing.

the second album from cátodo dúo! recorded in the studio over three days, the duo investigates sound spaces that go beyond the primarily acoustic nature of the first album to interact with electronic processes. thick noise compounds appear, revealing what was only hinted at before. audacious electronic transformations. a fluidity. a constant and sustained attention to the moment. a focused syntax.

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library experimental – july 7, 2018

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, July 7 from 2-4pm.

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

The final show of the 2018 season features Christopher Riggs; and Will Soderberg / Enid Smith.

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

Christopher Riggs is a teacher who also plays experimental music on the electric guitar.

Using springs, magnets, pieces of metal, dowels, and violin bows, he makes his instrument sound like underwater pterodactyls, cellos from space, the inside of a trash compactor, alien insects, malfunctioning mp3 files, or washing machines filled with marbles. He achieves these unguitar-like sounds without the aid of processing or effects.


Enid Smith earned her BFA in contemporary dance from the North Carolina School of the Arts. In New York City, she performed with Ivy Baldwin Dance, The Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group, Anita Cheng Dance, and MAC Cosmetics among others. Since moving to the Chicago area in 2007, she has presented her own work under the name enidsmithdance, collaborated with The North Shore Choral Society and the artists of Articular Facet, and worked extensively with The Evanston Dance Ensemble and ede2. Most recently Enid has performed with Khecari and as a guest artist with Lucky Plush Productions. She currently teaches advanced modern at Dovetail Studios and Dance Center Evanston and maintains a massage therapy practice.


Will Soderberg’s first recorder was a Kenner ‘Say It Play It’ which he received for Christmas in 1969. He likes to record sounds and videos and then change them using: ipads, computers, discarded electronics, found objects, abandoned ios apps & devices, obsolete software, etc. He attempts to manipulate and recombine sources to provoke new contexts by placing them in unfamiliar, often imaginary settings. He likes to perform with musicians & dancers of all ages.

pan y rosas release thank you, merciless onlookers!

david mcnamee is a writer, artist, musician, and music label founder/operator.

david selected one track from each of the houses he lived in during a period of psychic wrongness, and rechristened each piece after the area it was recorded in – brighton, kilburn, camden, tottenham, brixton. it’s not so much an exercise in nostalgia, as an exorcism – a way of driving a stake through that time and these songs. of finishing. instinctive sketches that felt right to make. badly-recorded “not music.”

distortion drone flange. baroque gamelan. electro beats. soundtrack.

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