interview with and feature on pan y rosas on attn:magazine’s radio show!

In the first edition of the ATTN:Magazine radio show, host Jack Chuter talks to Keith Helt of Pan Y Rosas Discos (a Chicago net label releasing improvisation, noise and weirdo rock from around the world) and runs through a few of ATTN’s favourite cuts from 2016.

kind words for hasta mañana al día siguiente by ana maría romano g.!

This album really showcases Ana María Romano G.’s ability to tell a story through the use of sounds. Listening to the album I had a sense each track had its own character and the story was being told through the eyes/ears of this character. It was an adventure and I recommend adding this album to your collection.

Source: Ana María Romano G. – hasta mañana al día siguiente | Echoes And Dust

pan y rosas artists on vuzh music’s notable releases of 2016

primal spirits by morten rasz, illusions by luong hue trinh, la corporación by amanda irarrazabal, cecilia lópez and cecilia quinteros, and callus / redux by asha tamirisa, all on vuzh music’s notable releases of 2016!

Hello, again, I’m C. Reider. I release most of my own music for free on the internet, and I listen to a lot of music by people who do the same. This is a list of free-to-download releases fro…

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