pan y rosas release mastcutters by natalia kamia and haruhiko okabe!

natalia kamia is a visual and sound artist who studied classical piano when she was young. She now primarily plays everyday objects and toys. haruhiko okabe is a jazz and free improv sax player who also plays a traditional japanese instrument – hichiriki. he recently appeared at the copenhagen jazz festival. they were both born in 1961 in russia and japan, respectively.

the title of the album comes from the name of the church, located on heights close to the neighborhood where the recordings were made – masthuggskyrkan.

mastcutters consists of four unedited free improvisations and two that were layered with a field recording of the rain (it was supposed to be an outdoor concert, but the weather was unkind). all of the songs were recorded at natalia’s home.

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pan y rosas release spuma pu by spuma pu!

spuma pu is a super group from spain. agnès pe. sarah rasines. niebla fascista. ignacio garcía sánchez. laptops. acoustic battery. voice. sampler.

created in july of 2016. collage. metal static. sleep. glitch laptops. death voice. pummel beats. wash pad hits. blink swirl. you are the video.

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pan y rosas release temporary radiance by cinchel!

cinchel is a chicago based musician working mostly with guitar, effects and laptop to create abstract ambient music that is both minimal and dense. his main focus has been the interaction of sounds/notes with themselves. with only the use of delay, layering and distortion he attempts to make a lot of guitars no longer sound like guitars.

temporary radiance documents the iterations of an idea from practice to performance to reconceptualization. a live recording of a performance. an attempt to re-create the original intent. a deviation and recombination. guitar. effects. laptop.

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pan y rosas release rock nacional by carolina rizzi and omar grandoso!

carolina rizzi is an argentinian pianist, composer and performer. her work on the upright piano investigates the possibilities of expanding and modifying the sound of the instrument with acoustic and electronic devices. she studies and collaborates with pianist and composer adriana de los santos. she has participated in various experimental groups (ensamble atalaya bang, grupo experimenta) interpreting their own compositions as well as those of other composers. her own works have been presented in many contemporary music concerts and experimental festivals in argentina and uruguay.

omar grandoso was born in buenos aires. he plays piano and trombone (among other instruments). he has participated in many projects with different ensembles, and plays regularly with many musicians in improvisation contexts. frode gjerstad, sabu toyozumi, alan courtis, ramiro larrain, sergio paolucci and many others). in addition to his playing with free music groups, he also works within experimental films and contemporary dance; making compositions for theater, visual arts and multimedia.

carolina and omar created rock nacional in 2016. with two pianos, they constructed an homage to argentina’s national rock, its heroes, martyrs and traitors. clusters. chains. rattles. blues. drones. bows. chimes.

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kind words for abailable by cecilia lopez and wenchi lazo!

Some improvisations seem less about dialogue – listening, responding, listening – and better resemble an agreement to let loose at a set time. Abailable starts with the sound of two musicians dragging crates of jumbled sound to the edge of a hillside: old Casio keyboards, toy synthesisers, MIDI trigger pads, spaghettis of patching cable and jack lead. 3, 2, 1, go. They spill them out. Drum machines clatter and bounce. Synthesisers grunt as they slam against jutting rocks on the way down. It’s a reckless cascade of pattering and tumbling, interjected by sudden bursts of gushing wound, riding the downward slope all the way to the bottom (wherever that may be). Everything fast becomes caked in the fuzz of bad wiring. Some of the sockets and cabling take an irreparable beating on the way down.

Source: Review: Cecilia Lopez + Wenchi Lazo – Abailable | ATTN:Magazine