pan y rosas release REMISE EN BOUCHE by lola de la mata

lola de la mata (b.1991) is a london based artist, musician, and composer whose practice focuses around the body, collaboration and listening. lola’s work ranges from monotypes and graphic scores, to installations and compositions for movement, voice, electronics and classical instruments.

lola is the organiser behind the interdisciplinary artist group ‘parallel praxis’, which seeks to support and develop process and individual practice, to provide a wider network, and promote collaboration.

REMISE EN BOUCHE, which translates as palate cleanser, or in the mouth, is both an act of refreshment for the ears, and a commentary on the misogyny women experience in the creative industries.

the album combines field recordings, classical rifts, untrained voice, violin, and transformed feedback noise. the layers co exist, tangle, overlap, to form a textured sonic world, full of movement, with sounds appearing and receding into dark voids.

everything you hear in this album was generated acoustically either with instrumentation or concrete sound sources.

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library experimental – may 2018

library experimental is an ongoing series focusing on chicago’s experimental musicians. it is happening at the chicago public library in jefferson park on saturday, may 12, from 2-4pm.

early! free! kid friendly! if the kids are patient!

the third installment of the 2018 season features noise bias and last king of poland!

jefferson park library is located at 5363 w lawrence. convenient to both bus and blue line.

artist info:​

Noise Bias:

Noise Bias is an all-female contemporary ensemble exclusively showcasing the work of women composers. Existing as a collective, the women of Noise Bias share the common goal of creating and sustaining an environment where women are in positions of creative power and musical decision-making. Their goal is to curate new music performances that directly confront and challenge the gender disparity within the Chicago new music scene.


Last King of Poland:

Last King of Poland (Tomasz Ryszard Jurczak) is a polish noise artist from Chicago who has for the last years traveled the world, touring Japan and the United States extensively. he has released ten cassettes on different labels, the newest being an improvisational collaboration with Japanese noise artist go, out on 1980 records.

His whole creation in itself is an identity crisis, between two different worlds. Back and forth between American brashness and Polish chivalry which he brings out with loops and samples of waves and everyday life. His performance is unique. muted, he would look like a vivid story teller, passionately explaining his travels through outer space with sadness in his heart.

pan y rosas release nebeculae magellani by Marta SmiLga!

Marta SmiLga is a project of liga smirnova, a riga based musician who lives for electronic music. since early childhood, her main interests have been music and astronomy. using her collection of electronic music instruments, mostly modular and keyboard synthesizers, she generates deep immersive cosmic soundscapes. sometimes they drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole. sometimes they take you to unknown galaxies far away, full of shimmering stars.

nubeculae magellani is a cycle of two experimental ambient pieces, dedicated to dwarf galaxies that orbit the milky way galaxy: the small magellanic cloud and the large magellanic cloud. Marta SmiLga created the music by sampling modular synthesizers and processing the samples with adobe audition.

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pan y rosas release upheaval 100 by arvo zylo!

arvo zylo has been making experimental music that wavers around, but is undeniably anchored in, the vein of industrial noise, since the year 2000. he works under his own name as well as under the collaborative umbrella moniker “blood rhythms.”

zylo began with no previous knowledge of experimental music, using a primitive sequencer with destroyed presets and intentional malfunctions as a primary source of compositional inspiration. his work has evolved to fetishize extreme layering, repetition, raw material action, feedback, human/animal/onomatopoeia sounds, and naturally abrasive elements without the use of effects pedals.

upheaval is a process piece that zylo has worked on over the course of years. it was initially created as a drone built with samples of divas holding sustained notes. zylo continued to return to and rework that source material. he has now created 100 versions of this piece. version 100 was aired during “drone week” on sound art radio in the uk several times. this final version of upheaval is now released on pyr.

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interview with sergio sanchez!

Diez años han pasado desde que el artista sonoro y músico experimental murciano, Sergio Sánchez, empezara su fructífera andadura creativa bajo el seudónimo de Jazznoize. Con este artículo intentaremos, en la medida de lo posible, introducirnos en su “ruidismo ibérico”, donde la transformación del elemento sonoro, capturado del campo sonoro cotidiano, nos lleva hasta el ruidismo extremo, el dark ambient y la música industrial, toda una realidad sónica más allá de la música concreta.

El trabajo de Sergio Sánchez se ha publicado en más de una veintena de sellos discográficos y netlabels de América y Europa. Su música ha sonado en los programas de RNE: Vía Límite, Ars Sonora, Sismógrafo, Fluido Rosa, y Atmósfera. De igual modo en los ciclos y festivales: Experimentaclub, Estampa–Sound In, MIMAA, CAM Alacant, Nit Electro Sonora, Puestas de Castilla, Clínica Mundana, Museo Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, etc. Ha realizado creaciones en colaboración con otros músicos: Francisco López, Javier Piñango, Zan Hoffman, Tsukiko Amakawa, Elías Merino, Carlos Suárez, Mark Cunningham, Miguel A. Ruiz, y A. L. Guillén, entre otros.

Pero su compromiso con la creación experimental no está limitado a su propio camino creativo. Sergio Sánchez fue quien comenzó a catalogar la fonoteca experimental del Centro Cultural Puertas de Castilla (archivo sonoro, colección de F. López). Asimismo, coordina grupos de difusión de música experimental (República Ibérica Ruidista), es miembro fundador de Intonarumori (Asociación murciana de Arte Sonoro y músicas experimentales) y dirige el netlabel RIR.

Mucho habría que escribir para poder explicar, en toda su dimensión, la creación de Jazznoize, pero intentaremos ahondar en ella, todo lo que nos sea posible, y para ello, agradecidos, contamos con su palabra y su música [1].

Juan J. Raposo: Hola Sergio, comenzamos con una simple pregunta, ¿qué es para ti el ruido? Y a continuación te lanzo otra que, para muchos oyentes alejados de las estéticas más actuales, puede conllevar una paradoja implícita. ¿Qué hay de bello en él?…

pan y rosas release spool oops by tay_ploops!

tay_ploops is jessica gabriel who is a multidisciplinary artist, puppeteer, life model, permaculturalist, poet, clown, currently based in vancouver, canada. using tape loops and other (un)sound textures. gathering gumption for growth and decay. an ongoing exp(lore)ation of lo_fyi sketches from handheld casse-tête tape reek or dings.

spool oops is filled with recent whim seas, streams of consciousness, onomatopoeia spoke inn whirr’d, freestyle poetree, solo loops collage, old tapes cut intu haphazard (in)precision.

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pan y rosas release fake haight by winded!

with a love for improvised music and an all at sea sound sensibility, winded first uses a free-writing technique to build up the mass and then begins to sculpt a linear song out of the bulk. the sound library most often comes from the shelves of ebm, and post-punk, but i think that inspiration might be more subliminal. it feels like he’s using the muscle of machines to do the heavy lifting, while he relaxes in the dissonance of loud guitars.

assembled and sculpted industrial cold post wave. delay. clang. reverb. synth smear. voice. beat.

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