pan y rosas release meduse by christi denton!

christi denton is a portland based composer and sound installation artist who works with found sounds, electronics, and homemade and modified instruments. she has a degree in music composition from mills college and a graduate certificate from the centre de creation musicale iannis xenakis (france).

meduse is her first album for pan y rosas discos. the sound is: beauty or monster. swelling drones. glissando. clicks. pans. crescendo swarm. cluster. chime.

get the album here!

ada rave / nicolás chientaroli live video documentation!

ada rave and nicolás chientaroli with caravana colemanica performing tomorrow is the question by ornette coleman. casa presa, argentina, may 12, 2013!

Ada Rave, tenor sax
Nicolas Chientaroli, piano
Maximiliano Kierzsner, double bass
Fermín Merlo, drums

ada rave performing with a double quartet! four saxophones! four guitars! madness!

april 21, 2013
centro cultural del frente de artistas
buenos aires, argentina

Dario Dolcci, saxo soprano
Sam Natch, saxo tenor
Ada Rave, saxo tenor
Luis Conde, saxo baritono

Lulo Vitale, guitarra
Jorge Espinal, guitarra
Fernando Perales, guitarra
Juan Subh, guitarra

Agustin Genoud
Marco Suaya