Jefferson Park EXP with Hali Palombo and Ben Zucker – August 23rd, 2pm

In lieu of free live shows at the neighborhood library, we’re doing free live shows via twitch! The next show is on Sunday August 23 at 2pm (CST/UTC-05), join us!

Hali Palombo is a composer and visual artist working in Chicago, IL. Crafting most of her music from a large library of CB and amateur radio recordings, Hali’s compositions also include morse code, wax cylinder samples and field recordings she has taken at various Midwestern points of interest.

Ben Zucker engages in acts of creative juxtaposition and speculation as a composer, audiovisual artist, and multi-instrumentalist. He has contributed to experimental music scenes across North American and the UK with concert works, albums, scores for media, and frequent performances on brass, percussion, voice, and electronics. For his work, he has been acclaimed as a “master of improvisation” (IMPOSE Magazine), and “more than a little bit remarkable” (Free Jazz Blog), and recognized as a New Composer Talent by the International Audio Branding Academy. He currently lives in Chicago, studying, teaching, and organizing as a doctoral student at Northwestern University.

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pan y rosas release meduse by christi denton!

christi denton is a portland based composer and sound installation artist who works with found sounds, electronics, and homemade and modified instruments. she has a degree in music composition from mills college and a graduate certificate from the centre de creation musicale iannis xenakis (france).

meduse is her first album for pan y rosas discos. the sound is: beauty or monster. swelling drones. glissando. clicks. pans. crescendo swarm. cluster. chime.

get the album here!