pan y rosas release arde by eriza


eriza is a trio consisting of the the improvisers – tatiana castro mejía (piano), amanda irarrazabal (bass) and cecilia quinteros (cello).

mejía is a pianist from colombia who now splits her time between colombia and buenos aires where she investigates the combination of music with dance, text, narration, theater, etc. irarrazabal is from santiago de chile but is now based in buenos aires where she is a bassist, singer, improviser and composer. quinteros is originally from buenos aires and has developed her language as a self-taught improviser in argentina as well as denmark.

their first album, arde, brings together two performances – one from november of 2015 and one from june of 2016. the sound is – all parts of the cello, the bass, the piano. voice. yellow, blue, red, orange and white.

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pan y rosas release self-land’s stains ii by kirill shirokov


kirill shirokov (born in 1990) is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he studied at the p.i. tchaikovsky conservatory in moscow where he studied under vladimir tarnopolski. outside of the conservatory he has studied with a variety of composers including antoine beuger and radu malfatti of the wandelweiser collective.

kirill composed self-land’s stains ii in 2013. it has been performed only once and this album is a document of that performance. it was performed by the guitarist, denis sorokin in 2016. the sound is time and silence.

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kind words for electro parables/electro parábolas by volcano radar!

Como ocurre con tantos músicos uruguayos en el exterior, la exitosa trayectoria de Elbio Rodríguez Barilari tiene poca repercusión local. En 1998 se instaló en Chicago y sus composiciones se vienen tocando por diversas orquestas y conjuntos. En 2012 armó, junto a la estadounidense Julia Miller, el grupo Volcano Radar.

Source: Los sonidos del silencio – Brecha

pan y rosas release ijereja by lauren redhead!


lauren redhead is an internationally performed composer and an experimental organist whose recent work is published by material press, berlin. she increasinglyproduces works of graphic and open notation, and often works with multimedia. as an organist she has developed a performance practice for organ and electronics and frequently performs in a duet with alistair zaldua and in the collective automatronic. lauren is senior lecturer in music at canterbury christ church university.

her new album draws inspiration from the mycenean greek word for “priestess” in the linear b script. the opera draws on real and fictional maps, sound poetry, linear b, recorded improvisations and strategies for performing and responding as an ensemble. ijereja is interested in the interrogation of the potentially liminal space between performance, voice, speech, language, text, writing and notation.

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kind words for fluid timescape by elbio barilari and andy cohn and blue amsterdam by sonicbright!

Two new releases from Pan y Rosas retrieve the classic sounds of analogue and early experimental electronics and put them to different, but musically substantial, uses. The aptly-titled Fluid Times…

Source: AMN Reviews: Elbio Barilari & Andy Cohn – Fluid Timescape [Pan y Rosas pyr186]; Sonicbright – Blue Amsterdam [pyr185] « Avant Music News

pan y rosas release tommy hilfiger by sarah rasines!


sarah rasines is a visual and sound artist. she was awarded her degree in fine arts at san carlos faculty of fine arts at the universidad politécnica of valencia. she splits her time between artistic creation and her phd research as a fine arts faculty member at the university of the basque country. she belongs to the research group ikersoinu (sound research and artistic space).

she created her new album, tommy hilfiger, in hämeenkyrö, finland and bilbao, basque country over the course of april and may 2016. a mix of computers, recordings and trikitixa – electronic noises and occasional rhythms. it is brief, over too soon and before you know it.

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kind words for oscines et ensifera by reid karris!

Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sound artist Reid Karris puts a big “E” in the term “Experimental.” Combining studio performance with field recordings, Karris updates the musique concrete of Tod Dockstader to incorporate today’s free-improv explorations.

Source: AMN Reviews: Reid Karris – Oscines et Ensifera (2016; Pan y Rosas Discos) « Avant Music News