kind words for voices by alice hui-sheng chang and jason kahn!

Source: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Jason Kahn : Voices (Pan Y Rosas, 2016) – Le son du grisli

On avait pris l’habitude de l’entendre seul et voici que Jason Kahn nous revient accompagné : heureusement, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, est, comme ici notre Américain de Zurich, à la voix – le détail est, dans un premier temps, rassurant. Après Songline, Kahn a ainsi donc encore le cœur à chanter.

Et à chercher aussi, autrement que seul. Voix de tête contre voix de gorge, mais aussi voix de nez et même de palais, la conversation, improvisée, fait état d’intentions peut-être différentes – la voix étant le premier instrument de tous, la voici étendue comme les autres sous l’effet de l’inspiration d’Hui-Sheng Chang ; la voix étant un instrument de plus, la voici qui déshinibe Kahn davantage que les autres – mais souvent accordées.

Après celles de Songline, ce sont donc de Kahn d’autres plaintes, d’autres cris, d’autres appels, qui nourrissent un échange et, dans le même temps, le fragilisent. Comme leur parcours, ses intentions et celles d’Hui-Sheng Chang sont bel et bien différentes : parfois faites comme un Z, elles peuvent ici et là accoucher de beaux airs – pour peu qu’on goûte les rengaines bruitistes.

pan y rosas relase 4-hour body by causings!


causings is a collective of musicians based in new york city who focus on improvisation and experimental sound explorations. their cast members rotate frequently. they build portraits and landscapes from odds and ends in the home and garden.

causings members derek baron, sandy gordon and adam gundersheimer created their newest album, 4-hour body at home in queens, in january of 2015. instruments were played or not played. sometimes crunching. a low rumble and pulse. electricity. did you say something?

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pan y rosas release voices by alice hui-sheng chang and jason kahn!

alice hui-sheng chang’s work focuses solely on developing extended vocal technique as a means for improvisation and communication. her vocal explorations include sound from varying tension of physical vocal parts, driving air into alternative passages and vibration of calls and breath.

jason kahn is active as vocalist, drummer, electronic musician and visual artist. originally from the united states, he’s been living in europe since 1990 and is now based in zürich.

voices consists of four pieces created with two voices sharing the same space and the same time. recorded in 2015 in melbourne, australia.

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kind words for a trail, a texture by rosalind hall and ada rave!


It’s as though Rosalind Hall is wielding a hand-held fan, pressing it against surfaces so that it buzzes in frictional complaint, without applying the necessary pressure to stop the blades entirely. It’s a delicate navigation of brinks and almosts – her saxophone lingers upon single notes and tilts them, ever so slowly, until they threaten to fall over. Her instrument throbs uneasily as overtones force their way into the frame, turning ovular drops of pure tone into snarls of dissonance. It’s an agonising sonic yoga routine; pitches bend into awkward poses and then hold them for as long as concentration, exhalation and muscle power will permit, the note wobbling like calves and biceps in convulsions of tension. Collapse is always a mere false step away.

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four releases from pan y rosas on vuzh music’s best of 2015 list!

a trail, a texture by rosalind hall and ada rave
dolly (for m.a.) by lyn goeringer
less than human by caroline park
witnessing by cinchel

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kind words for stanze by palimpsest trio!

AMN Reviews: Palimpsest Trio – Stanze [pyr168]; Orrù Mar Rocha – Live at MIA 2015 [Endtitles ET2] « Avant Music News

Source: AMN Reviews: Palimpsest Trio – Stanze [pyr168]; Orrù Mar Rocha – Live at MIA 2015 [Endtitles ET2] « Avant Music News

pan y rosas release stanze by the palimpsest trio!

palimpsest trio web_V2

the palimpsest trio consists of paulo chagas, silvia corda and adriano orrù.

paulo chagas is a portuguese born, willfully eclectic musician who researches new and renewed solutions and links between sounds. dedicated to experimentalism. a composer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, writer and music promoter.

silvia corda is a pianist, composer and piano teacher. she is mainly interested in jazz, contemporary music, improvised music as well as multimedia projects involving performing arts – contemporary dance, video, cinema, theatre.

composer and double bass player adriano orrù was born in nuoro, italy in 1958 and now lives and works in cagliari. he devotes his time to jazz, radical improvisation, and chamber music. he also works as a music teacher.

stanze consists of nine improvised pieces. recorded at home in monserrato. reeds. piano. double-bass. objects. pieces for morning. for nothing. left open. for people. in fourths.

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pan y rosas release the bridge ep by hervé perez and andré darius!

ep2 cover bridge encore

hervé perez is an improviser, sound and visual artist, who performs spontaneous compositions with saxophones and laptop, using processed field recordings. his work is influenced by practices such as jazz, electro-acoustic, contemporary music, experimental electronics, free improvisation, immersive sound art and ancient techniques of sound therapy alike.

andré darius is a musician without borders – motivated by atonal and improvised musics. he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, with the slogan capture the truth of the moment. his playing is catharsis, the expression of an introspection continually renewed in which he reveals himself to listeners without pretense or artifice.

the bridge ep consists of three pieces. electric bass, eub, objects, voices, saxophone, drums, field recordings, processing. designed sound. building bridges. water. portrait. shore. fog.

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pan y rosas release electro parables / electro parábolas by volcano radar duo!


uruguayan born multi-instrumentalist and composer elbio barilari and american guitarist and composer julia miller played together for the first time in 2012, and they made their first public appearance as volcano radar at the empty bottle shortly after. the soundscapes of this very active quartet have been described as: noise-funk, post-jazz, avant-rock, improvised experimental music, jazz-electronica and neo-psychedelia.

these improvised pieces (recorded in chicago in october of 2015) are their first studio recordings as a duo and their second release for pan y rosas. three tracks. synthesized guitar, electric guitar, cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, electric viola, soprano sax, electronics. solitude. memories. albatross.

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pan y rosas release live at dada by mars-96!

mars-96 - 2014-01-24 dada 2

mars-96 is a free improvised noise rock trio from northern palmira. their name refers to an ambitious project of the russian space agency that ended in scandalous failure. their sound references the no wave scene of new york city. their first album for pan y rosas is a frenetic noise burst of action that captures a live show that happened on january 24, 2014 at club dada in st. petersburg, russia!

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