pan y rosas release sunburst 2006-2012 by red kite!

sergio sánchez (jazznoize / red kite) is a sonic artist from spain, who has been recording material since 2005. his projects meander around experimental music, from electroacoustic to drone, transforming the acoustic environment that surrounds us all. his conception of sonic manipulation is that of a frontal fight against the old art and bourgeois values.

his work is mainly based on capturing sound realities walking towards a complete conception of concrete music directly related to its historical time period.

sunburst 2006-2012 is a compilation of works that were composed and recorded by red kite in tragatrullo studio, murcia, spain. ambient drones with glitches and voices. this is the first time they have been officially released.

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pan y rosas release hiken! by alex elgier and cecilia quinteros!

alex elgier is a musician from argentina. pianist and composer, dedicated to contemporary and experimental music. he formed part of the trio, elgier-grinenco-sahlieh, and with them recorded the album veiled for the portuguese free improvisation label – creative sources. he was a founding member of la orquesta de improvisadores de buenoes aires, in which he directed as well as played piano and clarinet. he has also composed original music for various dance works. he maintains an online diary where he publishes all his electronic music productions.

cecilia quinteros is a self-taught, improvising cellist from buenos aires. since 2007 she has co-created many experimental music projects in argentina and worked with theatre, visual artists, contemporary and butoh dancers. in 2013 she was invited by the danish record labels ilk and barefoot records to perform several concerts at the copenhagen and aarhus jazz festivals. her current projects include ruido², YAS, rhabdoviridae, eriza, la corporación, and HAITI.

alex and cecilia improvised this (just under) thirty minute piece in august of 2016. buenos aires. cello. piano. action. free. with shouts.

pyr artists on the avant music news best of 2017 list!

daniel barbiero / ken moore – frequency drift

reid karris – lacrimis de ex arborum (not a pyr release, but still, good job!)

beth mcdonald – cold weather birding

nhung ngyuen / cinchel – the movement of an old soul (not a pyr release, but, yeah!)

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Source: Avant Music News Best of 2016: Part I – Honorable Mentions – Avant Music News

pan y rosas release cold weather birding by beth mcdonald!

beth mcdonald is a classically trained tuba player gone awry, working largely in the fields of electroacoustic music and free improvisation. currently, beth performs with korean jeans, callithumpian consort, cbs trio, seraph brass, and other groups. As artistic director of the august noise jp concert series in boston, she worked to bring unexpected music to public spaces and to engage her fellow musicians in their community. beth currently resides in chicago, where she enjoys collaborating with musicians, writers, performers, and other artists in a kaleidoscopic variety of contexts.

beth created cold weather birding between may and december 2016, mostly in chicago. a variety of sound sources were generated or manipulated using max/msp, spear and audacity. a live performer was involved for cueing, controlling, mixing, but computer magic also performed many of the same functions. long tones and hush static. inconsequential origins of sounds.

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pan y rosas release hasta mañana al día siguiente by ana maría romano g.

ana maría romano g. is a musician / sound artist and professor from bogotá, colombia. she teaches in formal and informal spaces and at all levels from small children to university students and is currently a professor at the universidad el bosque. she is the director of the festival en tiempo real – space dedicated to artistic manifestations that involve a dialogue between sound and the use of technologies. she is a general co-coordinator of microcircuitos plataforma digital regional. she shares her artistic and teaching work at concerts, lectures and workshops.

her creative interests have led her to work with both acoustic and electroacoustic methods as well as participate in multidisciplinary projects such as contemporary dance, videodance and performance. she also collaborates with artists from colombia and elsewhere in the world of improvisational and interdisciplinary music.

her first album for pan y rosas consists of five pieces created between 2009 and 2016. reactions to current events. accordion. multiple channels and media. voices. rain. transport.

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pan y rosas release it so happens by dadala!


dadala began in 2004. it was and is a continuation of richard dunlap’s history of routes through music an daudio art. in 2007 a core group of contributors began to coalesce who created material specifically for the dadala project. the group currently consists of richard dunlap, loopy c (chris r. gibson), erocnet (roger sundström), paul mimlitsch, andre darius and frank wilke.

what is intentional. what is happenstance. what is “live.” what is manipulated. in what sequence were parts recorded. what sounds intentional is serendipity. what sounds random is on purpose. improvised performance. improvised mixing. improvised production. coincidence. synchronicity. arranged. combined. remixed. pitch shifted. tempo shifted. not fixed to any grid.

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kind words for la corporación by cecilia lópez / amanda irarrazabal / cecilia quinteros!

The collaboration of acoustic strings with synthesizer can be a challenging. Both strings and electronics are capable of great timbral range, but of qualitatively different sorts. Combining them in…

Source: AMN Reviews: Cecilia López / Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia Quinteros: La Corporación [Pan y Rosas pyr201] | Avant Music News

kind words for illusions by luong hue trinh!

Illusions is a remarkably varied offering for its relatively short length.  Trinh evokes sadness, melancholy, beauty, and foreboding with a plethora of instruments, recordings and electronics. Highly recommended, and hopefully one of many more to come.

Source: AMN Reviews: Luong Hue Trinh – Illusions (2016; Pan y Rosas Discos) | Avant Music News