pan y rosas release nununu by clara de asís!


clara de asís was born in 1988 in spain and now lives in marseille, france. she’s an electroacoustic music composer and an experimental guitarist. she explores two aspects of sound art: electroacoustic composition in the studio, and live improvised music on prepared guitar, which allows her to develop a sensitive and experimental practice of the instrument.

nununu is the documentation of an improvisation on prepared guitar that de asís created in january 2015 at a home studio in marseille (france). she applied different objects to her guitar in order to generate a variety of sounds and her physical gestures created specific sonic results. …to reach a continuity of the sound. …the notion of space and sound sculpture. …the room, the space affecting the sound.

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pan y rosas discos release cucharas de arena by canned fit!


canned fit is sound artist christine schörkhuber’s experimental performative new music act. she creates her sound sphere using hacked effect tools, finger microphones, voice, feedback and a trash orchestra of found sonorous footage. motorized cans vibrate in tune, the sound of materials like cans, tins, metal parts, electronic trash, paper, wood, water and wind are modulated and amplified through open mics.

canned fit’s first album for pan y rosas, cucharas de arena, is equally influenced by experimental improvisation and contemporary composition as it is by electronic dance music, rock and pop music. the primary influence however, comes from listening to the sound of life. the sound is: formation, dissolution and fugacity of shape and structure, distance and closeness, system and chaos. a tightrope between experimental music, soundscape composition and electronic songwriting.

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pan y rosas releases breathing through wires by iris garrelfs!

Iris Garrelfs at the Barbican

iris garrelfs is a sound artist and improviser who crosses the boundaries of performance, installation and fixed media. she uses her voice as raw material for conjuring multilayered listening experiences where the voice is transmuted into machine noises, intricate rhythms, choral works, and pulverized into granules of electroacoustic babble and glitch – generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing.

her first album for pyr, breathing through wires, is an album of live improvised and processed voice performances recorded in the uk between 2012 and 2014. some were recorded through the mixing desk, others in the room. the titles refer to either event or venue. expect to hear a wide range of sounds and sonic modalities, from aggressive screams to delicate melodies, intricate rhythms to machine noises all constructed from and through live voice in an act of listening.

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kind words for palimpsest by adriano orrù!

3 CD Palimpsest 2014 WEB Edition MidRes RGB

kind words for palimpsest by adriano orrù! in italian and poetic no less!

Sperimentazione rarefatta quella di “Palimpsest”.

Raccolta di pregevoli duetti strutturati tramite web dal bassista/contrabbassista sardo Adriano Orrù.

Tenui e bizzarri passaggi strumentali, ispirati e leggeri, che s’adombrano come soundtrack per ampi spazi deserti, talvolta ticchettanti di febbre al neon in stanza chiusa, rimbalzanti in deriva post e disposti in tenuta cameristica.

Ci son raccoglimento e istanti di sensuale incrocio elettroacustico, fra i glissandi e gli armonici di Orrù e gli interventi degli amici coinvolti (il piano e il toy piano di Silvia Corda, i fiati del portoghese Paulo Chagas, le percussioni e l’elettronica di Mauro Sambo).

C’è volontà di una ricerca oltre genere, fascinosa e calibrata, curiosa, bambina e imbronciata senza eccesso.

Un cane abbaia in lontananza mentre procedo nell’ascolto, un caldo e immobile silenzio lento si stringe tutt’attorno.

kind words courtesy of kathodik.

pan y rosas release home molasses by renée baker’s awakening!


renée baker’s chicago modern orchestra project is revamping the traditional concert going experience by programming an eclectic genre mix, crossing grooves and roads where least expected. they look to build bridges between audience members of different backgrounds. part of their organizational mission is to adjust and transcend global viewpoints through ethnic human experimentation. to this end they seek out unusual and completely innovative scores from every genre of music – focusing on living composers.

home molasses consists of two comprovisations by renée baker that were performed and interpreted by awakening – a small ensemble offshoot of the chicago modern orchestra project. the pieces were presented as part of the fifth articular facet series in october of 2013. the sound is: joy.

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pan y rosas release nothing new by ant dickinson!

Nothing New Art

ant is a north wales based musician, sound designer, recorder and technologist. he works with unconventional instrumentation and digital processes integrating elements of improvisation and indeterminism.

nothing new is the result of improvisations conducted on a piano left to rot in a field throughout 2012 and 2013. each time ant went to play the piano it was a different instrument. the piano was documented in all conditions – sun, rain, snow. the piece piano duet 2 is a duet between a piano dropped from a forklift and a grand piano.

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pan y rosas releases drank viva bloom i by dave gabriel!


pan y rosas releases drank viva bloom i by dave gabriel!

dave gabriel is a person who is associated with ombrelli sciolti and the band imelda marcos. he resides in chicago. improviser. string mangler. etc.
his first solo album for pan y rosas is a collection of eleven improvised piano pieces. some are the insides. some are the outsides. they were made using his mother’s piano.

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pan y rosas releases early works by brice catherin!


brice catherin is a composer, cellist, electronicist, performance artist and improviser based in france. he has participated in the festivals: de la bâtie (geneva, 2008, 2010 and 2011); akouphène (geneva, 2005 to 2010); angoulême (2008); archipel (geneva, 2008); la cité (lausanne, 2005); etc. amongst many others, catherin is influenced by jean-luc godard and karlheinz stockhausen.

his third album for pan y rosas is a collection of performances of a few of his early pieces that were recorded in 2010-2011. pieces for – percussion; solo saxophone; voice cello saxophone percussion ensemble; bassoon and orchestra. secret tributes to galina ustvolskaya, heinz holliger and elliot carter.

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