pan y rosas release whole body by kirill shirokov!

kirill shirokov is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he continuously collaborates with different writers, artists and performers.

the whole body consists of two pieces performed on an upright piano in a room not prepared for studio recording or concerts. keys, strings and other parts of the piano created with the pianist’s fingers, hands, legs. without hierarchy. various possibilities. different properties. an exploration with spontaneous movement. this is one possible version of the whole.

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pan y rosas release the malady of death by jelena glazova!

jelena glazova is a sound/visual artist and poet from riga, latvia. in her pieces and performances she combines images, poetic texts, experimental sounds and installations . her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. she relies on her voice as a generator, heavily altering it and manipulating it through digital processing.

she created the malady of death in 2017, using her voice, a laptop and controllers. the album is dedicated to the french writer, marguerite duras. bass flutter. sweep drone. grit phase. plates shift. molten.

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pan y rosas release makina guru by orlando!

orlando is a musician from campina grande, a country town in the state of paraíba, brazil. he has been making music since 1995.

makina guru is the first solo work of the brazilian musician orlando.

a journey through multiple sonorities. a trumpet. an electric bass and an upright bass. a ten string viola. processed and transformed. textures and noises of daily life. a fabric of sensations. a challenge of interweaving sounds. perceptions arise from the moment in which the musician lives.

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pan y rosas release atractive synthesis by asterisk untitled!

asterisk untitled. a project by the latvian musician līga smirnova. synthetic sound, made with electronic music instruments. noise.

līga smirnova created the pieces on this album using modular synthesizers and some sounds that were synthesized with a computer. the sound is: anthem. bury. rhythm. grain. storm. probe. crush. swarm.

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pan y rosas release live at the whistler by SiP!

jimmy lacy brings a decade of wild synthesizer to his latest and most personal project to date, SiP. when the music is good the synths and rhythm beats clear space to think about life and the decisions that find you here. this is not music for dancing, but may it embolden positive steps!

live at the whistler is a document of a performance at the whistler in chicago on october 27, 2017. lope. rise and fall. mellow. repetition. hiss. zones.

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pan y rosas release drank viva bloom ii by dave gabriel!

dave gabriel is a person who is associated with ombrelli sciolti and imelda marcos. he resides in chicago.

drank viva bloom ii, dave gabriel’s second release for the pan y rosas discos label, is grindcore-length faux-avantesque music for the short attention span embracing millenial era. longer than an episode of aqua teen, shorter than an episode of seinfeld.

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pan y rosas release strange loop infinity bliss LIVE 2017 by getdizzzy!

getdizzzy is a composer, dj and game designer living in chicago. drawing from from ambient, hip-hop, techno, experimental sound collage and noise, getdizzzy’s music is idiosyncratic, rewarding, unfamiliar, colorful and accessible.

strange loop infinity bliss LIVE 2017. eight tracks. recorded in new jersey, pittsburgh, new york city and chicago. clock and bird mechanism. wood pulse. blocks. wooze mechanics. frozen glass. sweep slowness. a brief drone.

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pan y rosas release “amaryllis flower” by ivy meadows!

ivy meadows/camilla padgitt-coles is a nyc-based artist working in video, light, and sound. she currently is a M.P.S. candidate at nyu’s interactive telecommunications program (’19).

camilla padgitt-coles improvised this meditation for a higher frequency on a vibraphone at home in the summer of 2017. cars passing on a wet street outside. some little sounds here and there.

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pan y rosas release rerum novarum by la corporación!

amanda irarrazabal is a bassist, bass player, singer, improviser and composer originally from santiago, chile and currently based in buenos aires. in 2002 she started her musical career, exploring various genres (classical music, experimental, jazz, rock, tango and latin american music), she turned to free improvisation and original music as her primary musical vehicles.

cecilia lópez is a composer, musician and instrument builder from buenos aires. her work explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation, as well as the resonance properties of diverse materials through the creation of non-conventional sound devices. she studied composition with carmen baliero and gustavo ribicic. she holds an mfa from the milton avery graduate school of the arts, bard college ny and is an ma candidate at wesleyan university in composition (2016).

cecilia quinteros is a self-taught, improvising cellist from buenos aires. since 2007 she has co-created many experimental music projects in argentina and worked with theatre, visual artists, contemporary and butoh dancers. in 2013 she was invited by the danish record labels ilk and barefoot records to perform several concerts at the copenhagen and aarhus jazz festivals. her current projects include ruido², YAS, rhabdoviridae, eriza, la corporación, HAITI, and a dúo w/ alex elgier.

rerum novarum consists of five pieces that were recorded live on august 24, 2017, in buenos aires. a freely improvised meeting of synthesizer, bass and cello. melting conversations. rumbling pulse. pulsing rumbles.

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pan y rosas release luna anfibia by lucía chamorro!

lucía chamorro is a composer and sound artist from montevideo, uruguay, who works mainly with experimental music, free improvisation and soundscapes. her recent work focuses on the search for visibility and audibility of women in art and society in general. she believes that art is a powerful tool that can contribute greatly in the fight for gender equality. her music also seeks to re-value everyday sounds and propose new ways of listening and relating with the environment.

luna anfibia was created from sound environments and free improvisations that lucía recorded and processed. through the selection and composition of the material, she seeks to recreate situations and sound environments of imaginary places.

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