pan y rosas release oscines et ensefera by reid karris!


reid karris is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound experimentalist and improviser hailing from chicago, illinois trying very hard to get all the music stuck in his head out for all the world to hear. after spending years as an odd guitarist trying to fit in with the world of rock music reid shifted his focus towards improvisation and noise. his primary instruments for doing so are prepared guitar and drum kit sent through electronics. he performs with various groups with guitar including set self on fire, hkm guitar trio and the chicago scratch orchestra. he also plays drums in the experimental duo step slow.

reid took inspiration from two of his favorite sounds – birdsong and the singing of insects – and made them a prominent part of his new album. prepared guitar, drums, percussion, sampled field recordings. the sound is: gum tree. get it on. width pulse, rumble under footpath. roll in, clatter. floating not walking. midnight bowed life. feed them. a rumor of low end murmur. shimmer gong.

reid invites you to please listen with the windows open as to add to the effect, especially in the morning hours for now when the birds are at their best, and late at night once the insects take their place among us.

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pan y rosas release sequences by brice catherin!


after his diploma of composition with michael jarrell in 2006, brice catherin willingly stepped away from the contemporary music institutions in order to develop very freely a few activities: multi-instrumental cellist, improviser, composer and art performer. these activities fed into each another, so that beyond his multidisciplinary shows and improvised concerts, brice catherin has never stopped composing and premiering written pieces.

most of his recent projects explore the idea of democracy in art: the artists’ individual responsibilities and their place in the social group as well as those of the members of the audience are challenged and questioned.

sequences consists of ten cello pieces performed by brice catherin using a curved bow. the sequences were originally the soloist’s material in catherin’s winterreise but appear here as individual solo pieces. catherin performed and recorded these on a rainy saturday morning in single takes.

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kind words for electro parables / electro parábalas by volcano radar!

Volcano Radar was formed back in 2012 when Chicago-based guitarist, composer, eductor and poet Julia Miller found musical chemistry with a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Uruguay, Elbio Barilari. Two very outward thinking musicians who came together from decidedly different backgrounds to exploit some common ground in the playground of experimental, noisy electro-jazz. Refutation of Time (2013) was the first product

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Source: Volcano Radar – Electro Parables/Electro Parábalas (2016) | Something Else!

pan y rosas release no-brain improv by vavabond!


vavabond is a project of the lap top improviser and noise player, wei wei. she was initially interested with large volume noise made by max/msp, but her current interests focus on free improvised synthesis and processed signals. with insect buzz and electromagnetic hiss as her main inspiration, she explores the themes of time and existence. she works with time-based practice; mechanical and meaningless drones and clicks; and improvisational structures – especially improvisations made with the environment.

no-brain improv is vavabond’s attempt to practice what the writer, yumeno kyusaku, wrote about in his novel, dogura magura.

brain is not the place where thinking comes out. brain is a protein solid without nerve or sense. our spirit or living consciousness rests in each corner of our body.

for this project wei wei developed the rules: do not use the brain during creation/performance. abandon all concepts, aesthetics, logic, thoughts, judgments, conscious decisions. let body and instinct do the job.

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pan y rosas release january light by ce françois couture and aubert couture!

january light

ce françois couture is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist. he plays in la forêt rouge, square/sine, and rbc, and will release his debut as a “songwriter” in 2016. aubert couture is his 13-year-old son, a non-musician with a keen ear for free improvisation.

as the new year set in and the new year’s eve libations faded out, i sat down in the studio with my son aubert to record sounds using five cymbals overturned on the concrete floor. instead of material for future sound sampling, what emerged was an unexpectedly deep-running four-handed free improvisation. please listen on headphones at moderate volume – you should feel like you’re sitting on the studio floor with us.

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pan y rosas release frequency drift by daniel barbiero and ken moore!


daniel barbiero is a double bassist with an interest in gestural, modular and sound-based composition and improvisation in acoustic and electro-acoustic environments. he frequently works with improvisational dancers and writes regularly on music and related subjects.

ken moore is a percussionist living in northeast ohio. plays synthesizers, piano, bass guitar, udu and cajon drums, didgeridoo and glockenspiel. also does private recording and recently some video.

frequency drift is a collection of seven collaborative compositions for double bass and tam tams. the compositions were created sequentially: the double bass parts were composed and recorded first, after which the tam tam parts were recorded and mixed with the bass parts. the appeal of the project lay in the opportunity to create work exploring the compositional possibilities opened up by the subtle timbral dissonance between the double bass’s bowed strings and the tam tams’ struck and rubbed metal. get it here!

pan y rosas release pop variations by c. reider and jeph jerman!

pop variations cover

c. reider is a listener, composer, netlabel manager, and active networker. he is interetsed in sounds about things losing form; sounds about things getting blurry; sounds about entropy. equal parts conveyor belt and frog swamp. he lives in northern colorado, in the united states.

in 2015, my friend jeph jerman sent me a very lovely lathe-cut record. one side has a twelve minute track of the pops and crackles that are typical of vinyl records. all of the sounds in pop variations were derived from that recording, using various techniques, like running the pops & clicks through a de-clicking algorithm, or slowing down the recording to the point where you can hear the needle bouncing at each pop. – c. reider.

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pan y rosas release durga puja by pat moonchy and angelo contini!


pat moonchy has been performing for twenty years as a dj and experimental musician. she is an existentialist and versatile personality in a state of constant evolution; a developer of an intensely personal musical language. she first played the electric bass, then non-western philosophies inspired further self evolution and she explored vocal techniques – harmonic singing and circular breathing. as her interest in electronic music grew she learned to play the theremin with barbara buchholz. she also runs the club, the moonshine, in milan.

angelo contini began playing the trombone when he was twelve in his hometown’s marching band. his interest in the italian jazz and free jazz scene led him to a collaboration with the trumpet player guido mazzon and percussionist tony rusconi. in the early 1980’s he was part of the gruppo contemporaneo, whose aspettando i dinosauri is considered one of the seminal records of italian improvised music. over the years he has developed a deep knowledge of the trombone’s various sonorous possibilities as well as a highly personal playing style. he plays in several projects including multi-media, theatre and dance and has played throughout europe, the uk and usa.

pat and angelo recorded their album, durga puja, in piacenza in may of 2015. they used voices, electronics, trombones, recorders and shells. in nepal, durga puja is a holiday celebrating the goddess, durga and her triumph over evil. durga is pure shakti with a dual character that embodies both constructive and destructive energy.

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kind words for voices by alice hui-sheng chang and jason kahn!

Source: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Jason Kahn : Voices (Pan Y Rosas, 2016) – Le son du grisli

On avait pris l’habitude de l’entendre seul et voici que Jason Kahn nous revient accompagné : heureusement, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, est, comme ici notre Américain de Zurich, à la voix – le détail est, dans un premier temps, rassurant. Après Songline, Kahn a ainsi donc encore le cœur à chanter.

Et à chercher aussi, autrement que seul. Voix de tête contre voix de gorge, mais aussi voix de nez et même de palais, la conversation, improvisée, fait état d’intentions peut-être différentes – la voix étant le premier instrument de tous, la voici étendue comme les autres sous l’effet de l’inspiration d’Hui-Sheng Chang ; la voix étant un instrument de plus, la voici qui déshinibe Kahn davantage que les autres – mais souvent accordées.

Après celles de Songline, ce sont donc de Kahn d’autres plaintes, d’autres cris, d’autres appels, qui nourrissent un échange et, dans le même temps, le fragilisent. Comme leur parcours, ses intentions et celles d’Hui-Sheng Chang sont bel et bien différentes : parfois faites comme un Z, elles peuvent ici et là accoucher de beaux airs – pour peu qu’on goûte les rengaines bruitistes.

pan y rosas relase 4-hour body by causings!


causings is a collective of musicians based in new york city who focus on improvisation and experimental sound explorations. their cast members rotate frequently. they build portraits and landscapes from odds and ends in the home and garden.

causings members derek baron, sandy gordon and adam gundersheimer created their newest album, 4-hour body at home in queens, in january of 2015. instruments were played or not played. sometimes crunching. a low rumble and pulse. electricity. did you say something?

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