pan y rosas release best hits by brice catherin!


after his diploma of composition with michael jarrell in 2006, brice catherin willingly stepped away from the contemporary music institutions in order to develop very freely a few activities: multi-instrumental cellist, improviser, composer and art performer. these activities fed into each another, so that beyond his multidisciplinary shows and improvised concerts, he has never stopped composing and premiering written pieces.

most of his recent projects explore the idea of democracy in art: the artists’ individual responsibilities and their place in the social group as well as those of the members of the audience are challenged and questioned.

best hits consists of two pieces – galina ivanovna ustvolskaya for five musicians playing inside a piano; and 36,000 years alongside baubo for a percussion trio and an audience playing small instruments. the two pieces were performed by ensemble batida and pinquins. the sound is idiosyncratic rhythmic and melodic sound qualities and variations.

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pan y rosas release callus / redux by asha tamirisa!


asha tamirisa is an experimental media artist most interested in audiovisual composition, instruments and interfaces, and gender/race and technology. she is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a group of artists concerned with the state of gender and race within electronic / computer based art practices. she holds a b.a. from oberlin college and is currently a doctoral student in the multimedia and electronic music experiments [ MEME ] program at brown university.

asha’s first album for pan y rosas, callus / redux, consists of two longer pieces that she created in august of 2016 using an arp2500, a few various synths and field recordings that she recorded in july of 2015. the sound is slow, patient, shifting drones, sculpted water.

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pan y rosas release primal spirits by morten rasz!

primalspirits front

morten rasz is a project of the lithuanian artist martinas rakshtinas. music does him for a living.

his second album for pan y rosas deals with improvisations with micro sound waves/blocks. the first and second pieces are monophonic, but deal first with drone/low/rhythm and second with melodic movement. the third piece consists of three improvisations overlayed in real time.

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kind words for tommy hilfiger by sarah rasines!

Your first listen to Tommy Hilfiger will pass you by. A rumble of thunder, a steady throb of electronics, an accordion jaunt. Gone. What just happened? It’s like a cryptic voicemail message, building up to a deep confession before bottling it and cutting the line dead. Rasines leaves me with 10 minutes of half-articulated thoughts and poetic inferences. I replay them over and over again, desperate to pull together a meaning from the scraps of sound and the way they interrelate. I hyper-analyse each gesture in search of signals and veiled attempts to communicate. It doesn’t make sense to talk about Tommy Hilfiger being 10 minutes long when I spend an hour deconstructing it.

Source: Review: Sarah Rasines – Tommy Hilfiger | ATTN:Magazine

pan y rosas release MANIPULATION by lauren sarah hayes!

lauren sarah hayes is a musician and sound artist from scotland who builds hybrid analogue/digital instruments. her music lies somewhere between free improv, experimental pop, techno, and noise. she also composes haptic music that can be experienced as vibration throughout the body and likes creating participatory site-responsive works in unusual locations. she is a regular improviser, enjoying a wide range of collaborators, and for over a decade has given multi-sensory workshops for various groups, including those with sensory impairment, learning difficulties, and autism. she is an associate of the new radiophonic workshop.

her first album for pan y rosas discos, MANIPULATION, is a collection of unedited one-take improvisations that she performed on unpredictable ecological hybrid analogue/digital/human systems between 2008 and 2016. instability arises from the fragilities of touch-based engagement and mutually affecting relationships within the technology.

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pan y rosas release drupe by ilia belorukov and lauri hyvärinen!


ilia belorukov is a musician from saint-petersburg, russia who works in the realm of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. he’s a member of different projects such as wozzeck, mars-96 and others. to extract sound from his alto saxophone, he uses objects and electronics.

lauri hyvärinen is a guitar player from helsinki, finland. for most of his life he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music as well as noise. he works to find a balance between an instrumental impulse and a respect for silence and presence.

ilia and lauri met to create this album helsinki, finland in october of 2015. ilia played saxophone. lauri played guitar. they both played electronics.

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pan y rosas release siconauta tourist class by dioxadol borges!


dioxadol borges is an uruguayan composer born in montevideo, well known in the montevideo underground. he doesn’t perform live and his true identity is unknown. some believe that he is a pianist frustrated with the national orchestra who is believed to have disappeared in 2005.

siconauta tourist class is his first album for pan y rosas. everything is brief. everything is instrumental. fanfare. music for imaginary bass. kitchen sink. beats. marches. synth plucks. block rocks. acid arpeggio. digital brass.

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