pan y rosas release it so happens by dadala!


dadala began in 2004. it was and is a continuation of richard dunlap’s history of routes through music an daudio art. in 2007 a core group of contributors began to coalesce who created material specifically for the dadala project. the group currently consists of richard dunlap, loopy c (chris r. gibson), erocnet (roger sundström), paul mimlitsch, andre darius and frank wilke.

what is intentional. what is happenstance. what is “live.” what is manipulated. in what sequence were parts recorded. what sounds intentional is serendipity. what sounds random is on purpose. improvised performance. improvised mixing. improvised production. coincidence. synchronicity. arranged. combined. remixed. pitch shifted. tempo shifted. not fixed to any grid.

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kind words for la corporación by cecilia lópez / amanda irarrazabal / cecilia quinteros!

The collaboration of acoustic strings with synthesizer can be a challenging. Both strings and electronics are capable of great timbral range, but of qualitatively different sorts. Combining them in…

Source: AMN Reviews: Cecilia López / Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia Quinteros: La Corporación [Pan y Rosas pyr201] | Avant Music News

kind words for illusions by luong hue trinh!

Illusions is a remarkably varied offering for its relatively short length.  Trinh evokes sadness, melancholy, beauty, and foreboding with a plethora of instruments, recordings and electronics. Highly recommended, and hopefully one of many more to come.

Source: AMN Reviews: Luong Hue Trinh – Illusions (2016; Pan y Rosas Discos) | Avant Music News

pan y rosas release illusions by luong hue trinh


luong hue trinh is a musician and composer of experimental and electroacoustic music. she graduated with honors in jazz keyboard at the vietnam national academy of music. although she began her studies in jazz, trinh began to work in electroacoustic music in 2010 and it became her main focus. since then she has been guided and inspired by the vietnamese percussionist and composer SonX. she participates in domdom – the experimental music hub in hanoi. since 2015 she has been studying with prof. dr. georg hajdu at the hamburg university of music and theater where her efforts are funded by the daad scholarship for multimedia composition studies.

her first album, illusions, contains two pieces that trinh created in 2016. they are both constructed with field recordings she made in central and southern vietnam. machine sounds. tai tu. evocations of homesickness and family. electronic sounds. huong river shanty. buddhist chant music in huế.

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pan y rosas release la corporación by amanda irarrazabal, cecilia lópez and cecilia quinteros!

la corporación1

amanda irarrazabal is a bassist, bass player, singer, improviser and composer originally from santiago, chile and currently based in buenos aires. in 2002 she started her musical career, exploring various genres (classical music, experimental, jazz, rock, tango and latin american music), she turned to free improvisation and original music as her primary musical vehicles.

cecilia lópez is a composer, musician and instrument builder from buenos aires. her work explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation, as well as the resonance properties of diverse materials through the creation of non-conventional sound devices. she studied composition with carmen baliero and gustavo ribicic. she holds an mfa from the milton avery graduate school of the arts, bard college ny and is an ma candidate at wesleyan university in composition (2016).

cecilia quinteros is a self-taught, improvising cellist from buenos aires. since 2007 she has co-created many experimental music projects in argentina and worked with theatre, visual artists, contemporary and butoh dancers. in 2013 she was invited by the danish record labels ilk and barefoot records to perform several concerts at the copenhagen and aarhus jazz festivals. her current projects include ruido², YAS, rhabdoviridae, eriza, la corporación, HAITI, and a dúo w/ alex elgier.

la corporación consists of six pieces that were recorded live on july 22, 2016 in buenos aires. a freely improvised meeting of synthesizer, bass and cello. the voice is electronic. the scrapes are resonant. the earth is pliable.

kind words for stanze by the palimpsest trio!

A strong poetic connotation comes from the music of the pianist and painter  Silvia Corda and his partner bassist Adriano Orrù : the contemporary role of the instruments as well as the attention paid to individual objects that accompany the performance, enhance the neural displacement that we have known in classical music: Paulo Chagas with a sopranino and high, rope and Orrù (as Palimpsest trio) had a job last year entitled ” Rooms “, designed by music pianist Cagliari to comment on the canvases of the painter Donatella Pau; it was a wooden women depictions, inspiring a comment to the maternal female figure; not only. Titration also implies an equivalent transport in the literary field, an attempt to express with the free improvisation those islands seemingly sound of poems or short stories (the area of the room is a recurring theme in the literature, as well as a mirror presents the representation of a Blank verse or a Coplas ). The recording made by Silvia house in Monferrato does not do justice to something with an environment specifically would make far better: those who have seen the play Rope or Orrù live will probably have a more focused perspective (see  here an extract of the trio with addition of Simon Balestrazzi electronics at the civic School of San Sperate or better quality, here a performance of the duo to Cagliari in April 2013). Unconventional techniques are combined with a sound thought, between flows and stop calculated artfully in their emotional content and enriched by the thuds of the tools or gadgets (even a toy piano), which ultimately lead to the intriguing perspectives on the work of ‘already open improvisation in the rest of Europe. These are ideal for improvisers excellently fill any festival of contemporary art that you want to organize.

Source: Musical Routes: Few Italian improvisation notes: cultural resistance circles

pan y rosas release best hits by brice catherin!


after his diploma of composition with michael jarrell in 2006, brice catherin willingly stepped away from the contemporary music institutions in order to develop very freely a few activities: multi-instrumental cellist, improviser, composer and art performer. these activities fed into each another, so that beyond his multidisciplinary shows and improvised concerts, he has never stopped composing and premiering written pieces.

most of his recent projects explore the idea of democracy in art: the artists’ individual responsibilities and their place in the social group as well as those of the members of the audience are challenged and questioned.

best hits consists of two pieces – galina ivanovna ustvolskaya for five musicians playing inside a piano; and 36,000 years alongside baubo for a percussion trio and an audience playing small instruments. the two pieces were performed by ensemble batida and pinquins. the sound is idiosyncratic rhythmic and melodic sound qualities and variations.

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