pan y rosas release prattle at hue by ombrelli sciolti!


dave gabrielo and russ moonray formed ombrelli sciolti during the horrible Chicago winter of 2013 as an auxiliary project and partial escape from their more “rock”-oriented musical endeavors. their initial goal was the free exploration of the timbre ranges and general sound-making properties of their chosen string instruments as well as the direct and open confrontation of the frustrations of possibly awkward, wrong-footed interaction within a duo format as an implicit goal and strength.

the recording sessions for prattle at hue incorporated minimal aid from effects pedals with a total of four between the two members. the results were part of an ongoing effort in sonic research and development that may in the end prove to be just another pointless endeavor. the sound is: electronic procession. saturn’s rings. scale squeal. junk fuzz and whippoorwill. i hear you buried guitar – thunder purge. jazz funk greatness. ascending and descending string mangles. clatter oily night parade. throbbing saturn return.

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kind words for “articular facet 5.3″ by jim baker and sarah j. ritch!

the kindness comes from the fine people at the

On this quiet album, Jim Baker on modular synth and Sarah Ritch on cello, guitar and electronics, create a sonic environment with minor changes from a long horizontally developing tonal texture. The effect is mesmerising at times, with repetitive loops and sudden ‘surprise skree’, one of the appropriate tag lines that Sarah Ritch gives to her music, together with ‘modern scratch, mechanical wood, tone bits, crushed fragments and atlantis shred’. Despite these names, the music is relatively accessible, and of a dark monotony.

pan y rosas release rebirth of time by darius and tramuc

2010 January Annular Solar Eclipse

darius (bass-guitar, ebow) is a musician without borders – motivated by atonal and improvised musics. he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, with the slogan capture the truth of the moment.

tramuc is an improvising duo based in hamburg who focus on instant composing and sonic research. the duo consists of pia abzieher playing keys and cello; and felix mayer playing trombone and guitar. they both also use computers and everyday objects.

the music on rebirth of time was improvised throughout 2013 with the artists sending tracks back and forth. the sound is: space tone brass echo bass noodle. key stab cluster voicing. wooze bend piano run. little object flutter percussion. midi vibes.

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pan y rosas release every single girl deserves a song by sarah rasines!


sarah rasines (burgos, castile and leon, spain) born in 1983, has a degree in fine arts (san carlos faculty of fine arts, valencia polytechnic university, spain). she combines artistic creation with research at the faculty of fine arts at the university of the basque country. she also belongs to a research group called ikersoinu, which is now working on a project called investigación sonora y espacio artístico: nuevas herramientas técnicas y conceptuales para la creación (sound research and artistic space: new technical and conceptual tools for creation). her interdisciplinary work revolves around time processes and experimental media.

experimental electronic music. the culmination of several years’ research in music in burgos, valencia and bilbao – every single girl deserves a song is her latest work in experimentation and sound production. cyclical melodies, hypermusical instrumental tracks, programmed synthesizers and sampled noises overlay the sonic medium.

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pan y rosas release entoptic landscape by lauren redhead!

front cover

lauren redhead is an internationally performed composer and a performer who specialises in experimental music as an organist and a vocalist. she is a founder member of the collective ‘automatronic’ who produce a concert series for organ and electronics in london each autumn and who commission and collaborate with composers to create new works for the combination. her compositional work increasingly focuses on graphic, conceptual, and open approaches to music and performance, and collaboration — with other composers and artists — forms an important part of this approach.

the music on entoptic landscape is “slow moving, partially entering into ‘view’ and then gone again. the attempt to focus has the effect of obscuring it. all of the performances of this music respond in some way to open notation. as such, no two performances of this music are alike, but all hold much in common. open notation has been employed not for reasons of accessibility but as a means of inviting the performers into the specific soundworld of the piece.”

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pan y rosas release formato inferior by eduardo f. rosario

formato inferior cover

eduardo rosario lives in san juan, puerto rico. he studied composition at the conservatory of music, puerto rico. his musical interest began with prepared/modified guitar but he now is interested in programming, found objects, and places wind and unwind. doom guitar.

formato inferior is his third album for pan y rosas. composed feedback tones. high shimmer. slow build patience. cut percussion winds and unwinds. doom guitar. grain glitch.

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pan y rosas release relatos de terodáctilo by chientaroli espinal rave vitale!


nicolás chientaroli is an improvising pianist based in amsterdam where he is exploring the free arts. jorge espinal is a guitarist who swings between weirdo rock and free improv in buenos aires. ada rave is a saxophonist currently based in amsterdam where she also explores the free arts. luciano vitale is a mysterious string mangler who defies genre somewhere in buenos aires.

the four musicians met in may of 2013 at estudio libres in buenos aires for a one-off improvised collaboration before nico and ada relocated to amsterdam. they each brought their own voice to the conversation and took turns talking and listening.

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pan y rosas releases second sight by cagey house

cagey house second sight

cagey house has been releasing music since 2005. the tracks generally start as sets of doodles and noodles, and are later edited together into semi-coherent selections. whenever possible, chance, accident, mistake, poor judgment, random acts, misguided notions, uninformed risk, and general ineptitude are incorporated into the compositional environment. cagey house always aspires to the sublime, gladly accepts the humorous, and in the absence of either, tries to at least be noisy.

second sight, cagey house’s second album on pyr, is a brief album made with samples both found and created. the sound is: you have thoughts. they wind down, up. flight. trill and tremble. summertime yellows.

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pan y rosas releases ambiens sonitus by reid karris!

Ambiens Sonitus (art)

reid karris is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound experimentalist and improviser hailing from chicago, illinois trying very hard to get all the music stuck in his head out for all the world to hear. after spending years as an odd guitarist trying to fit in with the world of rock music reid shifted his focus towards improvisation and noise. his primary instruments for doing so are prepared guitar and drum kit sent through electronics. he performs with various groups with guitar including set self on fire, hkm guitar trio and the chicago scratch orchestra. he also plays drums in the experimental duo step slow.

for his second solo album on pyr, reid spent a summer collecting field recordings which he then used as the basis for improvisations with treated percussion and prepared guitar. the sound is: mirror sounds. you are coming, going. stretch ready made. markarian birdsong. bowed waves. schumann resonance voicings skittering in a sphere of air.

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pan y rosas releases phantomaton by chemiefaserwerk!


chemiefaserwerk is an electronic musician based in marseille, france. he is mysterious.

his first album for pan y rosas was created by recording the sound of an electronic toy piano and then looping and layering it at different speeds using four track cassette recorders the sound is: full spectrum tape drone. patience. low end cycle. high end faster than trans-linear light. blurred space as stars fold. twenty minutes pass and five hundred years are gone.

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