interview with lucie vítková!

interviewed on the talk music talk with boice podcast!

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From the Czech Republic to New York City, composer/performer Lucie Vítková has blazed a singular path of experimentation and creativity harnessed only by her limitless imagination. Whether it’s through her voice, the harmonica, an accordion or even tap dancing, Lucie’s music is marked by a sense of adventure found in both her improvised performances and recordings. The current Columbia University Visiting Scholar is completing her next album, Music Domestic, which consists of found sounds discovered within her home. The podcast episode features a Music Domestic demo and also a piece from Lucie’s 2015 album, Chorals.


renee baker interviewed for the now is podcast!

Now Is Renée Baker

A collection of music interviews with a strong focus on Chicago. For the time being the format is to play tunes for the musicians, without telling them what they are about to hear, and see what they have to say. For the time being it’s hosted by Ben Remsen. Anything could change in the future.

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interview with gabriel millan!

spieling about etermortifera! with the magazine – manes desidia

I: Es que tienes 3 discos ya, cada uno con metodología de trabajo y músicos distintos. ¿Qué hace diferente a Tiempo de Cigarras?

G: Ahora suena como una banda tocando, antes había más uso de recursos electrónicos, aquí hay un mínimo porcentaje comparado con otras grabaciones, y la idea era esa, hacer una música que tuviera ese mismo tipo de tensiones y ambientes pero hecho con un ensamble tradicional de rock, bajo, teclado, batería y voz.

Las letras algunas son recicladas de ideas anteriores que las vas guardando hasta el momento en el que mejor las puedas elaborar, en general yo creo que hablan más de situaciones abstractas, quizá cosas que no son tan autobiográficas como pudieran serlo en otro momento.

Hablan de ideas y cosas que pienso, inclusive algún homenaje como la canción “Se acercan los magos” está inspirada es una especie de dedicatoria a Diamanda Galas. Hace dos años la vi en concierto y aún hoy es el mejor concierto en el que he estado. El resto reúne ideas que voy apuntando y que las voy juntando con fragmentos de música que añado de forma subjetiva, me gustan cómo combinan. No son juegos de palabras, no es que la música esté hecha y le cuadro palabras que queden bien. Hay trozos de palabras por un lado y trozos de música por otro y en algún momento los tienes que juntar.

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quick interview with alice hui-sheng chang!

“The Taiwanese educational system is about community and less about the individual voice,” she says. “When I started to perform it was about finding my own voice early on before moving back to the group and finding that collective energy. You form a community while still voicing something that is alternative, different.”

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interview with renée baker!


CMOP is my creative vehicle for putting real-life sound to my compositions and that’s why I created it, as an afterbirth of Mantra Blue Free Orchestra which Fred Anderson helped me workshop at the Velvet Lounge for a couple of years. CMOP emerged when I received tacit approval from my AACM cohorts that I and this ensemble were ready to fly. We didn’t need their permission, per se, but they sanctioned and blessed the endeavor. CMOP is the most fully integrated new music ensemble in the country. Modeling inclusion not just racially, but breaking barriers regarding the marriage of classical and other creative forms. Too long have the genres been frightened by each other via unhealthy marketing ploys which keep audiences unaware of the beautiful hybrid possibilities in listening material.

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