philip corner exhibition! 

It’s OK: Go ahead and hit the art at Rauschenberg Gallery’s new exhibit of work by Glenn Branca and Philip Corner

Source: It’s OK: Hit the art at Rauschenberg Gallery with a stick

hey, if you are going to be in florida between now and october you should go to the rauschenberg gallery because they have an exhibition of philip corner’s original graphic scores! and you can play them there! and he even performed there himself when this opened. and he didn’t tell any of us. so, go! do it!

also, some dude named glenn branca also has some stuff there at the same time. y’know. if you’re into glenn branca.

live video documentation of ada rave and andrés elstein!

Florencia Otero, voz
Ada Rave, saxo tenor
Hernán Samá, saxo tenor
Andrés Elstein, batería
Laura Monge, danza
Pablo Díaz, cámara impro
Joaquín Chidichimo, grabación de sonido
Paula Shocron, piano, danza, coordinación.
Muchas gracias a la Casa de la Cultura del FNA por habernos apoyado durante todo este año, contribuyendo enormemente a nuestro crecimiento como proyecto.